A 43-year-old man was in critical condition after a motorcycle crash Sunday night. 

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Susan Fennewald

How many pedestrians were ever hit by cars in this area?

The "protective" barriers have now claimed one.

It was always amazing how very few pedestrians are hit while crossing Seawall Blvd, especially when you consider the huge number of pedestrians and cars.

If the city wanted to do something they should've put up (temporary) bollards and ropes and signs along the north sidewalk - the signs to direct pedestrians to cross at the the next light/crosswalk.

Wayne D Holt

[thumbup] The city will never be able to protect each one of the Golden Horde who descend on the beaches. I have seen families with toddlers in tow stroll across Seawall Blvd, people dressed like ninjas after dark who seem to think they radiate illumination as they stand on a lane marker, with only their outline in the oncoming headlights to alert drivers to their presence.

Anything in the roadway on Seawall doesn't seem like a very safety conscious improvement as the majority of tourist eyes are on the water or the people on the sidewalks. Something that can flip a motorcycle or force a car into another lane is suspect, IMHO. Wait until one of the Gone in 60 Seconds crowd hits that thing at the speeds they like to travel at. They'll wind up on the sand.

Don Schlessinger

"The city will never be able to protect each one of the Golden Horde who descend on the beaches." You're right Wayne, as I drove by the newest "tourist protection system" this morning I noticed only the ends are painted yellow, maybe if the wh

Don Schlessinger

OOPS: Maybe if the whole curb surrounding the system were painted yellow it would be more noticeable.

Wayne D Holt

That certainly would be an improvement, Don. In low light/rainy weather it needs all the visibility possible.

Bonnie Farmer

So very sorry for the cyclist’s injury. Prayers for his recovery. Unfortunately, likely won’t be the last. Reflectors or reflective paint on curbs or reflective signs above the roadway surely should have been part of this very curious “safety” plan.

Doug Sivyer

Very Sad, curious if the cyclist was wearing a helmet?

Grace Burks

No he was not

Richard George

A sky bridge high enough for parade floats to get by would be a better solution. One could also be placed near certain hotels if the hotel owner wanted to pay for it as well. Just saying.

Jack Reeves

[thumbup] Exactly Richard! If these moguls can afford to buy up every inch of the beachfront, it seems to me that they could pool their resources, secure permits from the City and State and place 2 or 3 skybridges at strategic locations. I ride a motorcycle and it is obvious that the safety contingent of the plan to place these odd curbs was poorly developed.

Martha Merino

My husband and I were staying in Galveston in the Seawall this past weekend and had a seen a motorcycle driving East with no helmet and driving way to fast. As a matter of fact, he was hard not to notice because he had an engine that was extremely loud and drew attention to himself. He was not wearing a helmet and he was driving easy to fast, considering how much traffic there was on the Seawall Sunday evening. My husband mentioned calling the police the first time he passed our hotel headed West. When the individual was headed back east past our hotel we could not help but feel this was the individual involved in this tragedy. I pray for him and all those impacted by this tragedy.

Jeannette Guest

Pedestrian what ? City planners had an epic fail with this non-plan.Actions have consequences, maybe in the next vote !

Dead palm trees everywhere(even before the freeze) Heards lane made into a freeway for speeders , even after tearing up every 10 feet on heards lane, now it's going to be torn up from 58th to Schliterbahn. I will never understand how city planners reach any decisions. Children make better choices.IMHO

Sarah Price

Is there an update on this man's condition? My sister and I were visiting from Houston and witnessed this horrific accident and are hoping he made it through.

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