An East End house for a short time Tuesday became beachfront property as it traveled along the seawall to its new location in the 2600 block of Avenue M ½ in Galveston.


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Bailey Jones

This was fun to see. I saw the foundation go up on M1/2, I assumed it was going to be a new build. We're happy to have this old beauty in the neighborhood.

Ahmed Ahmed

It surely does look like the house fits perfectly in its new neighbourhood.

It is a beautiful house. I feel both guilty and happy. I am guilty because I let it leaves its historical site. But happy because it found a nice landing

I am impressed with the whole process.

Great job from you all. My wait paid back with satisfaction and happiness.

Thank you all.

Bailey Jones

Several homes nearby are from the 1910s, so it should feel right at home. Thank you, sir, for saving it.

Emilio Nicolas

The article might be interesting if the "reporter" would say why this house is "historical". Pictures of the interior might be nice too, since the outside makes no impression. Otherwise, the article seems to be about traffic disruption.

Charlotte O'rourke


I’ve posted an example of what one of these early 1900s houses can look like when restored with the missing details and if the inside features were left intact it’s worth the effort. You can’t find that kind of wood, curb appeal and character anymore. If it was moved by similar type of homes to infill which it sounds like happened, it helps bring neighborhoods back to life.

It is expensive to restore older homes, and we need the continued appointment of rational rule makers on Landmark Commission; otherwise middle class people can’t afford to restore and maintain these gems.

So thanks to Dr. Ahmed and the GHF.

Bailey Jones

I did a little snooping today. Thomas Tapp was a public accountant and had his office and home in this house. A few years later the resident is John S Holmes, a boat captain. In 1960, it's Mrs. Eveline Stein, the owner of Melody Record Shop (509 21st). Just ordinary interesting people.

Emilio Nicolas

Thank you for the excellent information Charlotte! This is the kind of background news articles should include so those of us that are unfamiliar with the item can appreciate the significance. Thanks!

Marc Edelman

Responsible development. I like it.

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