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Lisa Blair

Hmmm. So Quiroga’s run off issue will be Ethics? Yeah that’s good. Let’s go with that. 🤦‍♀️

Carol Hollaway

For those who embrace property rights and the free market system, the rise in property values on the Island is a direct reflection of the demand for land. The only way to offset these rising land values upon which housing is built is for government intervention to change the free market system. Is that what Mr. Quiroga is championing? Abandoning the free market system for government control? Really?!

Charlotte O'rourke

When I read this article, I became concerned that we may end up with a majority of city council that doesn’t believe in wearing face masks in businesses, refusal to close large events with close contact and no masks, and super-spreader events, and even failing to close the beaches if data, deaths, hospitalizations, or health conditions warrant a closure.

If we control the virus through public health measures, we have a better chance of no requirements for closure. We would control and improve the economy, and get jobs and hot and sales tax back to normal in Galveston.

The US has surpassed 10 million covid cases from leadership failures to fight the virus. Yikes.

Wayne D Holt

Anyone can read the tea leaves: the voters in Galveston are not happy with "business as usual." Quiroga's strong showing in the initial voting was a clear indicator but taking a look at the council races confirms it. Of the two positions, I think "more of the same" and "stay the course" is going to fall on deaf ears. That's exactly what people seem not to want.

As someone who campaigned in District 3, I can tell you favoritism at City Hall, a lack of enthusiasm to encourage new business, the careless way small and medium businesses were treated vs Big Box "essentials" during Covid, and salaries were ALL very hot topics from the people I spoke to.

Galvestonians realize we are going into a new world here and they want to make sure the "business as usual" that got us to the old world isn't continued. We need equal treatment under the law for ALL, from police encounters to department service counters at City Hall. We need a realization that historic preservation can only happen when the community is economically viable and able to support that expensive process. We need businesses that employ countless island residents to have a seat at the table when life or death decisions are made about keeping the doors open for them.

And finally, about the whole mask thing. The headlines aren't the studies and the studies, and science, are clear. Distancing is the single most effective way for both those with and those without the virus to carry on in our society. The science doesn't support paper strung across the face as anything more than a psychological comfort blanket. People who misunderstand the difference between a respirator and a mask, and what each was designed to do, are making a very big mistake and would like to drag the rest of us along for the ride.

I applaud Mr. Quiroga for having the common sense and civic confidence to want to include those who are affected by emergency orders in the conversation. I don't know about you but I am not going to support anyone who chooses to give dictatorial orders over dialog with citizens. We are, after all, the boss...or at least were supposed to be in America.

10 million cases? Don't be impressed with this, as cases are those who test positive for the virus, albeit with huge problems with the RT-PCR test, lagging results, financial incentives for hospitals to diagnose as Covid and not other maladies.10 million is what you get when you aggregate all of those infected so far, including the 99% who are still with us. The fatalities as a percentage of those infected continues to decline.

A candidate who wants to examine the FACTS that are used to close beaches, obliterate our economic driver, terrify the population and close houses of worship while liquor stores remain open is going to get my vote every time.

Charlotte O'rourke

Thanks for posting, Wayne. I think examining results of elections is a good thing as is understanding where people stand on important issues.

I have always supported a mix of ideas on council or anywhere else so all ideas are heard and so compromise is achieved.

I was surprised to see that 2434 residents who came out to vote didn’t vote for any of the 5 mayoral candidates. 752 didn’t vote in D2, 725 didn’t vote in D5, 721 didn’t vote in D6 and so on. All of these would have made a difference in the totals.

I’m not sure what that nonvote means? Do they like the status quo, didn’t have time, don’t like anyone, or what? We would need to ask some of the nonvoters (undervotes).

In many races we had multiple good candidates which means Galveston will not lose regardless.

I agree all interested parties should be part of the conversation. I hope regardless of who is elected that these conversations are held in public so the public can listen as well.

I disagree with your statements on the studies on wearing masks.

For a majority of council to not advocate mask wearing in close quarters inside a building is down-right scary to me as I want our economic growth back and less dead Americans.

Stay safe. BTW, I liked your music online.

Wayne D Holt

Charlotte, you and Bailey continue to be among the most agreeable people I have differences of opinion with on these boards; I thank you for your perspective and for your civility. You are showing how it is SUPPOSED to be done in America when we are at odds with others' opinions. Well played. I hope to exhibit that same restraint!

Thanks for the music mention, too [thumbup]

Charlotte O'rourke

Thanks Wayne. I like Bailey as well. He has a well developed sense of humor which I admire.

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