At a time when defunding the police has ostensibly become a rallying cry of the social-justice movement, League City has plans to increase funding. At least some local activists support the plan, arguing the slogan has been misused and misunderstood.

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Marc Edelman

defunding the police is ridiculous

Karen Sawyer

if you think it's ridiculous then you don't know what defunding the police actually means. I will admit "defunding" was the wrong term to use with what they're wanting to do.

Carlos Ponce

"I will admit 'defunding' was the wrong term to use with what they're wanting to do."

Then insist they not use that term. But "re-directing" funds has the same effect.[innocent]

Gary Miller

Karen> If "defunding" is or was the wrong term then why is it still used?

David Shea

Definition of defund

transitive verb

: to withdraw funding from

Karen Sawyer

so you're saying LC would rather just arrest people than invest in their community?

Gary Miller

Karen> Arresting people ( AKA criminals) is the investment in the community. Arresting is a small but important job of police. Most police spend long hours per month assisting citizens without arresting any one. Police are a community assistance organization first and foremost. Arresting a criminal helps the law abiding community.

Bailey Jones

For those having trouble with the rationale behind "defunding" the police, here is an explanation in simple to understand cartoon form.


Carlos Ponce

The cartoon does not depict reality, Bailey. Why do people call 911? To request either a Peace officer, Emergency Medical Technician or fireman.

For those other things you call clergy, family, a doctor, etc. YOU DON'T CALL 911 !

The "Decriminalize and regulate" van doesn't work? Colorado decriminalized and regulated marijuana and what happened? Those peddling it were not out of a job. They moved onto HARDER DRUGS which wound up in the bodies of the young!

David Shea

Good luck with the utopia thing.

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