Litter control

A coastal zone management technician with the Galveston Park Board of Trustees picks up litter along the north side of Seawall Boulevard near Eighth Street on Wednesday, June 10, 2020.


The city will consider issuing new rules for temporary parking lots, some in effort to reduce litter in and around pop-up lots.

Keri Heath: 409-683-5241; or on Twitter @HeathKeri.


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George Laiacona

Our island has more than enough litter on our regular streets already. I don’t see the city doing anything about it. What makes you think that they will do anything about empty lots ?

Don Schlessinger

Great idea! No reason a property owner---making money---shouldn't make a positive effort to help us rid the Seawall of trash. I would add security to trash cans.

Roy Hughes

Lynne Springer

Why not starting a Clean Up Galveston campaign? The temporary parking lots are not the only places in Galveston that collect trash. Daily people throw plastic bottles, used diapers, fast food remnants, beer cans, liquor bottles by house and friends' houses. How about issuing tickets to being that you all see litter? I know. That will not happen. The City Council has a great idea ,but it needs to include the rest of the island and needs to permanent and not temporary. The key is whether it will be enforced or not. Rules, laws are all pointless unless they are enforced. I really liked the last administration.. They pulled out the street cleaners. What a perk that was. Where have the street cleaners gone? I guess they must be in hiding.

Susan Fennewald

The Park board should extend its seawall litter pickup to include the first two or three blocks of the numbered streets. You can see the trash that's blown down from the seawall in those first few blocks.

Don Schlessinger


Todd Flores

This is not complicated-

-We need a constant "Clean Galveston/Galveston Pride" advertising campaign. We do not tolerate this in Galveston.

-Littering tickets given. Or at least warnings.

-More cleaners. The Seawall area and Strand area look decent in the morning but we need more people sweeping, emptying trash cans, weed eating and removing the sand in the curbs (like in the picture) ALL day. More like an amusement park attitude.

Charlotte O'rourke

When I went to Paris, I told someone it had great history and architecture but I didn’t like it because in many tourist areas it was trashy. Galveston is also trashy especially after events. Can’t we finally do better!

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