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Bailey Jones

[thumbup] Galveston's downtown is the perfect place for pedestrians. There's so much to see both in terms of shopping and architecture, and it's small enough that you can easily walk the whole area in a day. And there's not a lot of great parking.

It's a great way to spend a weekend afternoon. Sidewalk improvements are much needed and much appreciated.

Angelica Rendon

How about Galveston fix the street my mother has lived on since I was born, 55th St. She is a BOI, lived here her entire 70 years, pays taxes, shops local, and dines local. Every few years the street in front of her house becomes a geyser eruption which eventually just gets patched up until it explodes again. Drive down this street. It's a mosaic of gravel, cement, and dirt patchwork. But yes let's cater to our tourists and fix something that isn't even in need of repair. Great idea!!!!

Don Schlessinger

I've lived here 30 years Angelica and it's been the same since the first day. Take care of tourists, forget the islanders. Avenue P is another street the city doesn't care about. The last time they did anything to it they simply covered the street with asphalt. Same rough street, same bumps just covered with asphalt.

George Laiacona

If you take a tour around town you can see for yourself that we live in a very old city that could stand improvements everywhere. But the city has Commissoners that have been elected by their neighborhood constituencies to make necessary improvements to their place of residence or business. The money runs out quickly therefore only so much can be done. If homeowners and businesses took an interest in their surroundings they could solve some of the problems. My view of residential streets is that the favorite style of city landscaping is to grow weeds and grass on the wrong side of the curbing. Therefore allowing rains to clog up the storm sewer system.

Bailey Jones

[thumbup] I keep a flat shovel handy just to scrap away the weeds, grass, and silt.

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