U.S. Rep. Randy Weber showed up in Galveston on Tuesday with all the tools needed to mow the lawn at the U.S. Postal Service branch at 59th Street and Broadway.

The only problem? It was already mowed.

“There was a truck in the back and the grass was being cut,” Weber said. “It was a two-man crew out of Houston that comes around and helps post offices. But my question is, why did it take this?”

Weber, along with several staff members, were planning to mow the lawn in response to recent outcry over the state of the building.

George Laiacona, 72, last month sent a petition signed by himself and 49 others to the U.S. Postmaster General, asking for a fix to the disrepair and overgrowth surrounding the post office building.

That decision came after Laiacona made several attempts to get the postmaster to clean the property, which for years has lacked good lighting, landscaping and grounds cleaning, he said.

For years, Weber has mounted a similar attempt to convince the post office officials at the Broadway location to try to clean the area.

When Weber read Tuesday in The Daily News that nothing had been done, he decided to drive down the road to do it himself.

“I’d talked to them about mowing and painting and the disrepair of the building,” Weber said. “I left my card. They have to have money in the budget for this. So, who’s not doing their job?”

Despite Weber’s contentions, postal officials maintain that the improvements were made in response to the petition and not the article in The Daily News or Weber’s arrival.

“They started work last week when citizens brought it to the attention of the postmaster and local officials there,” said Kanickewa Johnson, spokeswoman for the U.S. Postal Service Southern Area. “An article came out after we had initiated the clean up. They are supposed to be on top of things and keeping up with the maintenance.”

Tuesday’s mowing and fixing the lights is just part of normal upkeep regularly maintained by the postmaster’s custodial and maintenance workers, Johnson said.

While Weber did not have to spend the afternoon mowing the lawn as he thought, he said he would be checking further into the matter.

“We will be checking in,” Weber said. “It’s the postmaster of the facility’s responsibility to see to this. If he or she can’t do it, then maybe they should be replaced.”

The postmaster was unavailable for comment Tuesday.

Matt deGrood: 409-683-5230; matthew.degrood@galvnews.com



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Doyle Beard

understandable why the postmaster is unavailable to speak. No defense.

Mary Castillo

Isn't there a regular scheduled mowing schedule?

Mike Box

After two articles it seems like we'd know the name of the person responsible for this mess and for whom this is only the tip of the incompetence iceberg? Who is the postmaster? Good work though Randy!

Ken Hufstetler

Sounds like a cheap publicity stunt by Weber. Instead of mowing the grass in Galveston, how about taking care of the root of the problem

Carlos Ponce

When Randy Weber does something good it is proclaimed a "publicity stunt". If a Democrat had done it, however..................

Ken Hufstetler

Really? What else would you call it? Do you really expect a representative to mow the grass for our postal locations? I would rather see him looking into the problem and taking action to correct it.

Carlos Ponce

It's called looking out for the people of Galveston - his constituents. According to Randy, money has been budgeted for the grounds upkeep. And what's wrong with operating a mower? If all our Congressmen and women sweated a little for their constituents that's a GOOD thing. And he is looking into the problem - and doing something about it.

Joe Henry

Typical Republican, shows up after the Democrats has done the job and claims "I was here to help" Weber got exactly what he wanted a nice little puff piece to make him look good without getting his hands dirty. If he has time to cut post office grass, he has time to meet with his constituents. Weber is a coward.

Ken Hufstetler

Carlos, I am a conservative Republican which I gather you are also. I just expect more out of my elected representatives than the ability to mow the grass. We sent this one to Washington to work for us on bigger issues that mowing the grass in Galveston. I refuse to blindly support any action or event just because that person ran on the Republican ticket. We should respect them, but hold them to a strict accountability.

Carlos Ponce

I am just a Conservative. Not all Republicans are Conservative. I have a litmus test for who I will vote for. Randy passes that test. If you think it is just showmanship sobeit. I'll ask him next time I talk to him. [beam]

JD Arnold

Better yet, wouldn't it be nice if the GDN would ask him some questions, any questions concerning issues affecting Galveston county residents.

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