Janice Terra stood before county commissioners Monday and told them she would have nowhere to live if it weren’t for her RV.

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Marc Edelman

Doesn't government have anything better to do the interfere??????

George Caros

She will be first in line for government money to build her a new house if or when we get hit with a hurricane. That's when she will love the government

James Lippert

"George Caros” - With all due respect to you, did you attend yesterday's meeting? To set the record straight MANY good Citizens of Bacliff & San Leon got up yesterday at the crack of dawn to travel to Commissioners Court by 9AM to speak in the bright light of day, in a public forum of their peers, to express their opinion as allowed under the US Constitution. Stated for the record (yes there are records of this meeting that you or any other citizen has free right to access) was their desire to: NOT BE PART OF ANY GOVERNMENT MONEY. Ms. Janice Terra already loves the government because of her rights as a Citizen to freely speak her mind in a public forum. She has guts. I offer you an invitation to attend the upcoming Public Forum/Debate to be held on Feb-13th @ 6PM at Bayside Park on 10th St. in Bacliff and speak yours. Alternately you may wish to reconsider your comments and offer an apology to Ms. Terra. I personally know Mr. Terra, she is a very tough and independent woman (among other things she is an accomplished horse trainer known throughout the USA) and I can assure you that Ms. Terra is exactly the kind of person who lives her life with honor & dignity and could not care less about pursuing government handouts.

Robert Braeking

With all respect that is your due, James Lippert, some of us work for a living and do not have time to attend every little meeting called at the whims of the Politburo as a means to justify their wont to usurp citizen liberty and freedom. We elect representatives who we expect to go to the meetings and vote in conjunction with our behests. It has been my experience that public comment is nothing more than an appeasement to those who oppose the demands of the Politburo. They will vote as they wish and claim that the public comments were overwhelming in favor of their actions. If they really want to know how the public feels on this issue they should more properly add it to the ballot in the next public opinion poll - election.

Robert Braeking

Perhaps if homeowners were required to prove that they have flood insurance and prove it every 180 days to obtain an occupancy permit then the playing field would be level.

This is government overreach at its finest. Perhaps if the RV were tied down like a mobile home then the ignorant rule would not apply.

Terry Veneklase

My wife and myself own a house in San Leon and I can tell you for certain that if you have a mortgage on that home, then it is a requirement of who holds that mortgage that you have flood insurance. At anytime during that mortgage if you drop flood insurance, then the mortgage company will get the flood insurance and add it onto your mortgage payments. We recently had our house remodeled and through out the whole process, we had to have an engineer out here 5 different times to make sure that the work was being performed to meet the requirements of us being in a flood zone.
The reason that I'm tell you this is so that you understand that there are codes and ordinances that homeowners have to follow in order to live in a flood zone and that we do have to carry flood insurance in order to keep or mortgage so I don't think there is a need for us to have to prove it every 180 days.

Michael Byrd

"Two things were driving the push for new regulations, commissioners and county administrators said Monday.
The first was...." What is the second reason?

Ray Taft

The first is the floodplain regulations. The second is to battle nuisance and crime complaints in some communities.

Both are good reasons to act on behalf of all people living in the Bacliff/San Leon unincorporated area. It’s for the greater good of all, and not just catering to the few. It’s about time our county government takes action.

Robert Braeking

"to battle nuisance crime"?????? Is that the justification for limiting the 2nd Amendment?

George Croix

No ex post facto laws...supposedly.....

"During floods, an unsecured RV could become a missile, Shannon said."
And unsecured automobiles, dumpsters, boats, tractor trailers, trolleys, U-Haul trailers......

Betty Jo

Renewable permits bring in money without visible tax increases.

Robert Braeking

So if 'unsecured' is the problem then I suppose they would be ok to exempt any travel trailer that is tied down. Let's put cleats on travel trailers and drive pilings next to them. They would then comply when the dock lines are secured to the pilings.

George Croix

Supposedly targeted at occupied RVs but the wording does not exclude unoccupied ones like all the owners of travel trailers and fifth wheels and Class C’s and A’s used just for recreation.
Surely not.

George Croix

I miss Laura’s articles because she can and does followup on them...

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