Nearly 300 former Galveston County employees face a choice over the next week: either agree to start paying $65 a month for a health care plan or be dropped from the county plan starting next year.

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David Schuler

I hear the sound of a thousand tiny violins. Before we became eligible for Medicare, our private health insurance coverage (for two) came out to $76 per DAY. However, there should have been at least six months notice for this type of change.

Mardrid Fillmore

Why not give the retirees a cost of living raise which I've never gotten.

Don Schlessinger

Health care costs are going up everyday. Everyone who hasn't retired as a federal government bureaucrat or federally elected official is having to pay more to be insured. Ms. Lindquist shouldn't have to pay for her supplemental insurance very long. Bernie, Camila, and Liz have promised free free free healthcare for all.

Gary Miller

Don> Promises which will buy votes but pay no bills. Free is a lie. To give someone anything it must first be taken from someone else.

Craig Mason

As a former municipal employee myself I know one of the things that was made clear to me, was that I would make less over my career. The trade off for making less at the present time was good benefits while I was working and good benefits once I retired. Well I guess that is no longer the case. Didn’t our county judge and county commissioners just get a raise because their salaries were tied to district judges salaries or something along those lines. It irks me that the answers that our politicians always come up with is to balance the budget on the backs of those who can least afford it. These folks retired with the idea that although their income would be fixed, their insurance cost would also be fixed. A retiree has a fixed amount of money that generally is not going to increase, now they have to take an extra 780 a year out of that money. I am just glad judge Henry and others got their raises.

Gary Miller

Craig> Galveston County retirees, along with a few other counties and federal employees have a very generius retirement plan. They can afford a increase in health care costs better than private sector retirees.

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