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Kimberley Jones Yancy

Please pray for our community.

Comment deleted.
Wayne D Holt

Gary, we're usually on the same page but on this I will have to respectfully disagree.

Anyone who has done research on Texas self-defense law knows there are very stringent requirements for using what is likely to be lethal force on an opponent. I guarantee you someone breaking off an engagement, turning and running (if that is what witness and forensic examination proves) is no longer considered a threat and using lethal force in that situation is very, very problematical. If a civilian used a similar defense, I am sure a prosecutor would go to town on him.

This is no excuse for any felonious activity on Mr. Feast's part that may have occasioned the warrant or for his behavior during the altercation. But if you shoot to kill someone who is fleeing you in Texas and you are a civilian, you are going to be in a world of legal hurt. We'll see if the same standard applies to LEO when and if it is shown Mr. Feast was trying to break off the engagement.

Gary Scoggin

When is the evidence to be presented to the Grand Jury?

Carlos Ponce

I want to see if the gun forensics tests can link Joshua Feast to the other shootings in La Marque and Houston. "Feast, who was sought on a felony warrant issued in connection with a shooting investigation...." Feast had two guns on him when he was shot.

Gary Scoggin

Just to be clear, while that is important with regards to other open cases, it is irrelevant to the shooting of Feast by the officer.

Carlos Ponce

Goes to character, Gary Scoggin. A man who would shoot several others......

Gary Scoggin

No it doesn't. The officer had to make a decision on the spot regarding whether or not he was in a situation where he had to defend himself. Anything that may or may not have happened prior to that moment is irrelevant.

Carlos Ponce

I posted, "I want to see if the gun forensics tests can link Joshua Feast to the other shootings in La Marque and Houston." Don't you? If shown Feast's guns were used in other shootings or killings that would change a few minds and give a sense of closure to his victims' families.

Gary Scoggin

Carlos: Try doing things in the following order:

Read -> Think -> Reply if you have something constructive to add.

Carlos Ponce

Since you do did not specify which grand jury I extrapolated the grand jury investigation into the crimes for which Feast is accused.

Gary Scoggin: Try doing this:

Be more specific in your posts.

Gary Miller

Gary S. When arresting someone "armed and dangerous" the cop should be prepared to shoot first.

Gary Scoggin

GaryM... Having no training or practical experience in these matters I can’t really speak to the rules of engagement. That said, it seems to me being identified as”armed and dangerous” means to me that an abundance of extra caution is warranted, not that a person should be shot on sight. In this case, the officer did shoot first, apparently after seeing that Feast was carrying a gun. If that’s the case, as the video seems to indicate, the shooting was likely justified. It’s a tragedy, but still justified.

Bill Cochrane

Gary - "Anything that may or may not have happened prior to that moment is irrelevant." If that's the case, then why is the officer's past brought up? Why isn't Feasts past brought up in detail like the officers?

Gary Scoggin

The officer’s background is relevant if it establishes a pattern of inappropriate behavior or actions. I’m not saying that’s the case here; that’s for others to decide.

Bill Cochrane

And . . . Feasts background is relevant if it establishes a pattern of inappropriate behavior or actions.

Bill S.

The phrase "Directly in the back" is of an inflammatory nature. It persuades the reader to come to a conclusion the shot was at a perpendicular to the victim - which it very well may have been, It is possible to point a weapon directly behind you as you are going in the opposite direction. Before weighing in on this, the video would be of major assistance in trying to understand to dynamic in those crucial seconds. It also appears the investigation must have some belief that the officer was acting lawfully, since he has not been charged by a Grand Jury yet. I find it pitiful that a community would gather around a felon on the run from the law and hold a "vigil" - thus supporting criminal activity amongst them. Speaks volumes. Accordingly, I am suspicious of the "witnesses" in this mess.

Bill S.

I must agree with Gary on the "other crimes" issue. Retrieving two handguns at the scene may be important evidence relative to other cases - and may have some, repeat some, evidence in this case, but the other cases are not relevant to this instance. Remember, an Officer might be brought up on charges, pending an examination of the facts.

Kenneth Diestler

Inflammatory headline "directly in the back"--the only one who said that was the family attorney, not the autopsy.

Carlos Ponce

December 14, 2020: "The officer’s bullet struck Joshua Feast, 22, in the right posterior side just below the shoulder, said John “D.J.” Florence, chief investigator for the Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office. There was no exit wound, Florence said."

December 18, 2020: "But where the county’s preliminary analysis did not disclose exactly where Feast was shot, Crump said it was directly in the back."[huh]

Both articles were written by Matt Degrood.

Now compare the two statements:

County - right posterior side just below the shoulder

Crump - directly in the back

Sounds like the county's preliminary analysis is more precise.

"posterior" means back.

Bill S.

Precisely Kenneth. The attorney using phrases to inflame. Which is why some lawyers draw my ire. This action plants the seed for relatives and friends of the man who was shot into believing instantaneous wrong-doing by the Officer. Trial by innuendo and the relatives will get paid - so will the lawyer. More propaganda and facts don't matter.

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