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Robert Braeking

Asbestos is mineral fiber. Fiberglass is silica fiber. Silica dust is a known carcinogen. Does fiberglass hold a cancer risk? Only your industry lobbyist knows for sure.

Jarvis Buckley

I believe this would be money well spent.

Kelly Naschke

It’s my understanding that asbestos is harmless unless disturbed...ie. only harmful if cut or broken and particulate created. Someone please correct me if I am wrong???

Jeannette Guest

How do you not disturb it if doing remediation.

Miceal O'Laochdha

You are exactly correct sir. Asbestos is subject to abatement when it is friable, and particularly if the friable material is resulting in elevated levels of airborne AB particles in the adjacent, occupied spaces. In such case, a certified, licensed contractor can either encapsulate the damaged material in place or, package, remove, transport, and properly dispose of the material. Looking at the (low) price reported here, either they are just encapsulating friable material in place or else removing and disposing of material only in a very limited portion of the vessels' interior. When Ms. DeShaun says the PB wants to oversee the project, I trust she actually means the PB wants to hire a Marine Engineer with extensive experience in this work or else an Industrial Hygienist to oversee the project on their behalf. I am not aware of anyone on the PB who is qualified to oversee this type of work. The experienced Marine Engineer will be a lot more cost effective. The Hygienist will cause Change Orders to occur that will double the abatement contractor's initial quote and charge more money for his own services while doing so. Good luck to them on that price...

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