The Knights of Momus, the largest and oldest Galveston Mardi Gras krewe, has pulled out of the 2021 pre-Lenten festival for the first time in 40 years.

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Bailey Jones

Probably for the best. The pandemic is worse than ever and spreading faster than ever with the holidays only promising to make it even worse. The new vaccines won't be available in time for this event.

Charlotte O'rourke

I’m sad about it, but I’m sure it’s for the best.

Have you or anyone else read about the covid 19 vaccine and it’s effectiveness against the different strains? Is that 90 - 95% effective against all strains? If anyone has read any interesting articles on this subject, please post them.

David Schuler

The right way to have done this would have been a joint announcement from the City of Galveston and the top two or three Krewes. But this just tells me that no one at the City had the guts to make the decision.

Wayne D Holt

Keep in mind we are talking about a condition with a fatality rate that is less than 1% for the population all-ages and 98% for those with co-mobidities. A condition that has an average age at death that is seven years longer than the average life expectancy in ZIP code 77550. A condition that has seen one/third of fatalities take place in senior facilities where hapless elders were forced to government.

We are talking about a condition diagnosed by a test that has a 30% to 50% false positive rate, a test that the inventor said was not to be used for medical diagnosis, a test with no standardization of testing protocols so that we are looking at national data that compares apples to orangutans.

We are shell-shocked by ever increasing case numbers, apparently too numb to understand that "cases" are not those who are symptomatic but just those with enough hyped-up RNA fragments of any corona virus they happen to have in their bloodstream for the authorities to claim they are infected.

In exchange for this hot mess of medical myopia, we are getting an economy that was kneecaped, and soon to be forced to commit hara kiri by those who have not missed a paycheck throughout the long months of lockdown. We are raising a generation of children with God know what phobias from early childhood memories haunted by masked strangers everywhere they turned.

Alcoholism, drug abuse and violence against women and children have reached the escape velocity of human decency as we wait for what?

Wait for a vaccine developed in nine months with a claimed efficacy of 95%, when similar vaccines have taken years to develop and test but were only effective in one out of two cases at best The good news is, all the vaccines they are going to introduce are immune...immune from lawsuits for whatever grotesque malady you may develop down the road as your condition is translated into the counter-indication warnings on the side of a box. Thank you for your service!

Step back from this narrative for a moment and reflect on the destruction of our culture, our livelihoods, our family structure, our human rights, our national character, our sense of place in the order of things. We are throwing all of our collective treasure of humanness away as we run screaming from the theater of the absurd this has become.

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