Systemic problems at Texas Department of Public Safety driver license offices on the mainland have sent increasingly large numbers of visitors to Galveston in hope of shorter waits, a trend that has the parking lot overflowing and is causing long lines outside the small island building.

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Stephen Murphy

I try to avoid going to the driver's license offices like the plague. Actually, I try to avoid any federal, state, county or city service office. Not all, but some offices act like they're doing you a favor by waiting on you. Unfortunately, I recently had to have a new photograph taken to renew my driver's license, which meant a visit to the driver's license office. I live on the mainland, so Texas City was the closest. When I arrived at the office next to COM, the parking lot was full and there was a line waiting outside in the humid Texas heat. Not wanting to endure that torture, I returned home. Something told me to check the website where I learned the TC office doesn't do walk-ins. You have to make an appointment through the website. It took me 3 days of trying before I finally got an appointment. When I arrived for my appointment, again, there was a line outside the building. I quickly made a trip down to the Galveston office because, from past experience, I expected they wouldn't be too busy. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. Apparently, that secret is out and now there are long lines at the Galveston office, too. Hopefully, something will be done to fix the system. I'm not hopeful, though.

Mary Lofaro

For such a busy place, why is it "closed" for an hour for lunch? Most places have their employees stagger their lunch breaks so there is no need to "halt" business. Just makes more sense...especially when you have people waiting outside.

John E Sr. Macrini

Efficiency in service is marred by a multilingual system.

George Croix


Patrick Jordan

FYI you can "get in line on line" at the mega - centers in Houston. You are given an appointment and as long as you arrive on time you are usually seen within 15 to 20 minutes.

Doug Sivyer

Sounds like business as usual to me!

Jim Casey

This situation is inexcusable.

The state requires you to have a driver license to drive, and the license is the de facto ID for many other activities such as voting, flying on commercial aircraft, or even getting a job.

They owe it to citizens to run these offices efficiently.

George Croix

The problem will only get worse as, evidently, from direct observation of drivers, it's WAAAAYYYY too easy to GET a driver's license, in this state for sure.
Either that, or the people getting their first one then promptly forget about half of what they had to demonstrate knowledge on to get the darn thing in the first place.
Usually, the more one does something, the more skilled they get at it.
Driving seems to be a near direct opposite of that.
Of course, nobody talks or texts on their cell while taking their driving test, so from the get go, a lot of really dumb people are turned loose to pilot 2 or 3 tons of steel at speed while paying little attention to doing so....
That can be fixed, but it usually involves death or injury to the idiot doing it, or some innocent person.....

The absolute worst are the people 'merging' onto freeways while never once looking to see what's in the lane they are entering....

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