Jamaica Beach residents are complaining about a lack of notice from the city about water shut-offs, which they said have been frequent.

The city has had to shut water lines down more frequently than usual after a hard freeze in January burst pipes all over the county.

“We have been experiencing the same problems the city of Galveston has been dealing with since the freeze,” Jamaica Beach Mayor Steve Spicer said. “Several lines froze.”

Water shut-offs have been announced on the city website, Spicer said.

“Repairs usually only take a few hours or less,” he said.

But some residents argue the city has not accurately communicated shut-off times.

Soaps Linen Services & Washateria, 16708 San Luis Pass Road, has had trouble from unannounced shut-offs, assistant Suzy Anderson said.

“We have customers come in and they can’t wash their clothes because there is no water,” she said. “It wasn’t just one time, it was several times. It happens, but it’s very inconvenient when the city doesn’t tell you.”

The shut-offs in the past 45 days have been frustrating for many in the community, Jamaica Beach resident Daniel Schlund said.

“I definitely have my concerns about the water and it just seems like our infrastructure is really poor in terms of our public utilities,” he said. “I can’t think of a month that goes by where we don’t have a water outage in Jamaica Beach.

“I understand that we live on an island and things are different, but I’ve lived all along the coast on other islands and have never had issues like this,” he said.

There were only a few times during emergencies when the city did not warn residents about a water shut-off, City Manager John Brick said.

The city normally lets residents know about shut-offs and even has a messaging system to do so, Brick said.

Problems with pipes caused by the hard freeze have been corrected, Brick said.

“The ones we seem to have the most problems with are the galvanized pipes,” he said.

There are no plans to replace the city’s water pipes, Brick said.

“We don’t have any plans at this moment to redo any waterlines,” he said. “We feel comfortable we have everything set for now.”

Connor Behrens: 409-683-5241; connor.behrens@galvnews.com.


Before coming to work for The Daily News as a staff reporter, Connor worked for us as a freelance correspondent throughout 2017. He has written for other publications such as the Washington Post.

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