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Chris Gimenez

I can only believe that TJ Aulds and Heber Taylor or smiling in approval of Mr. Ferguson's barely concealed support for a failed District Attorney while trying to once again fool the GCDN readers that they're "watching our elected officials" for us. Hooey. Mr. Dicken's "criticism" is actually presenting the facts about Jack Roady's misconduct over the last 7+ years because the GCDN refuses to be the watchdogs they profess to be.

Jack Roady was swept into office in the Republican wave during the 2010 elections. While the county elected some very good candidates others-like former Judge Christopher Dupuy, Jason Murray, and now Jack Roady-proved that voters made the wrong decision in some cases. I'm going to "criticize" Roady also, although what I'm actually going to do is present the facts.

These are from GCDN reports regarding the trial of a man accused of murder by DA Jack Roady. He eventually-after serious missteps by the Jack Roady's office-pled guilty to manslaughter. This is Roady's idea of successful prosecution.
"Last week Criss denied a continuance request by the state after it informed the court it needed to test 50 pieces of DNA which never made it to a laboratory."
"On Tuesday Criss signed an order denying the evidence saying it wasn’t presented during the discovery phase. The defense should have had it 20 days before trial Criss said."
”We don’t want what’s called trial by ambush” Criss said. ”It’s a violation of the discovery rules.”
"Criss also scolded prosecutors saying it costs too much money to pay jurors then waste their time."
"Prosecutors have shown a pattern of producing evidence in her court after trials begin Criss said."

"Federal Judge Slams DA for Withholding Evidence" Just another "good" prosecution by Jack Roady's office. Joshua Bledsoe spent ten months in jail, Roady cost his mother more than $10,000 in attorney's fees, and then withheld evidence that proved Mr. Bledsoe's innocence in this case. Amazing, but it's a pattern of conduct Jack Roady has become known for.

Sam Finegan. A "go-to" special prosecutor and local attorney Jack Roady was very fond of using for his special cases. Never mind that Finegan had a long history of law license suspensions even while he was prosecuting felony cases. He also dismissed two felony cases in November 2012 while his law license was suspended. It would be interesting to know who these two felony cases were politically connected to.

Finegan was also assigned by Roady to prosecute Jennifer Kinard, the daughter of Galveston County District Clerk John Kinard, for cocaine possession. Finegan dismissed the case without taking it to the grand jury even though it was a felony charge. Roady says he didn't know about the long history of Finegan's law license suspensions and wouldn't use him again. So Roady isn't capable of prosecuting his friend's family on felony charges because it might like look bad? Sorry Jack, it looks bad.

Former TCPD officer John Thorn was investigated by CPS, the GCSO, indicted by a grand jury on felony child abuse and then Roady dismisses his case in the dark of night. Nothing from Roady about why he did that, nothing from the GCDN about why they wouldn't report on that, and then they endorsed Roady for re-election.

When Jack Roady says he doesn't do political favors he's only asking the gullible to believe that. His friends in office and in law enforcement have an amazing record of receiving favorable treatment from Jack Roady. Meanwhile, the abuses of innocent people continue under Jack Roady's regime. More to follow.

”Several cases have resulted in mistrials in this court due to this same practice” Criss said in a court document.

Chris Gimenez

"The posts are often long, and sometimes focus on specific trials or cases in which Dickens asserts Roady’s office has failed to deliver justice." Yes Mr. Ferguson, facts often take time to explain. I know it doesn't fit with the abbreviated, condensed, and often censored view of Roady presented by the GCDN but the facts can't be covered up forever. Jack Roady refused to investigate, charge, or indict former Galveston County Judge Christopher Dupuy even though he was being given enormous amounts of evidence of criminal conduct. Finally, when Roady realized he could no longer ignore it he once again bailed on handling it himself and instead forwarded it to the Bar Association asking them to do it. They sent it back to Roady basically telling him to do his job because it was criminal allegations. Roady then bails again and sends it to the AG's Office which promptly filed the appropriate charges. Meanwhile, Roady charges a 17 yr old from Houston with intoxication manslaughter and leaves him under charges for a year even though he knows his blood alcohol level was .01 and that he couldn't go to trial with it. The defendant's parent's had to hire two defense attorneys and a private investigator who did their work-unlike Roady-and then forced Roady to either put up or shut up. Roady dismissed the case with prejudice but the damage was done. A stellar student's reputation, tens of thousands of dollars in defense, legal, and investigative fees, and then Roady decides he doesn't have anything. Guess what, Roady didn't have anything when he charged the teenager but he was taking care of his political supporters. Way to go Jack.

PD Hyatt

There are some who will hate Jack Roady no matter what he does and will spew forth that hate with venom. As I have stated before to you Chris IF you really had all of this evidence that says Jack Roady is such a bad DA, then why have you not taken it to the state AG office? If there are wrong doings they will undo the wrong doer and get him out of office. Of course sometimes it is just easier to spout off on social media with innuendo's then to do the right thing. If you have all of the evidence turn him in and if it was to stand (and it won't) then I will publicly apologize, but I doubt that will ever happen.... Have a blessed day!

Chris Gimenez

PD, it isn't a sin being clueless but it's also not an attribute. Your insistence that I "just take it to the AG's Office" screams ignorance. The AG's Office doesn't take citizen's complaints-they have to be presented by a law enforcement agency. Should I ask Roady to take the complaints about him to the AG's Office himself? Again, if you would like to challenge me on anything I've posted other than with general proof that you don't care about the facts then do it. I'm here all day.

Chris Gimenez

Tom Dickens is indeed a "firebrand". He understands the breakdown of justice administration under current DA Jack Roady and it sickens him as it should all of us. Jack Roady has not tried a single case while he's been the Galveston County DA regardless of how serious it was. He let's his prosecutors take all the blame for what's going on while Roady claims to be an "administrator" as he stated at a recent forum. Is Jack Roady incapable of bringing his trial experience to the office of Galveston County DA? Apparently, because he has no felony trial experience. None. If he is indeed an administrator as he professes, he's failing miserably at that also. Almost 50% of all misdemeanor cases brought by Jack Roady's office are dismissed. Why is that happening? Is it because there wasn't the evidence to bring them in the first place? Is it failed administrative policies? Why are people being charged and their cases dismissed? It's a miscarriage of justice. Take for example the internet blogger in Clear Lake Shores who was accused of a misdemeanor by the DA's office on March 30, 2013, arrested, and then dismissed on March 31, 2012. And this was after the Clear Lake Shores PD had consulted with Roady's office before bringing the charges. Roady tries to spin it by saying "they did the right thing" by dismissing. Wrong Jack. You tried to cover up your incompetence and the fact that you were taking care of a fellow politician in Clear Lake Shores by trying to ruin the blogger's reputation. He had to hire an attorney and got his name front and center courtesy of the GCDN. This is Jack Roady's modus operandi. Charge without evidence, dismiss, take credit for "doing the right thing". Galveston County citizens deserve better than Jack Roady. More to follow.

PD Hyatt

From what I have been reading some would rather have a person who goes around spouting things that might or might not be true, who has done NOTHING in the prosecution area and is doing as the liberal media usually does and continue to say stuff that again might have some facts involved but mostly innuendos attached to it. Dickens goes around spouting off about misdemeanors and how Mr. Roady is not doing enough to convict them and yet he goes and says he might not do anything different? Really? Then he spouts off about all of the Assistant DA's and how they are not doing their job, and when several of them say that they will walk instead of working with Dickens then he backs off.
Do we really want a DA who doesn't seem to know what he stands for and backtracks much of what he says, or do we want a DA who says what he means and does his best to follow through as the law dictates not as public opinion sometimes demands. Is Jack Roady perfect? I doubt it as I have never met any man that is walking on this earth at this moment that is. But from the amount of time I have known Mr. Roady and worked with him in different areas of my life, I would say honesty and integrity and two of his main stays. The other one is that him and his family love the Lord our God with all of their hearts.... I will take a person like that over someone like Dickens any time of the day or night!

Chris Gimenez

PD, if you can refute anything I'm saying please do so. I'm not repeating anything Tom Dickens has said, I'm using what I've learned from the GCDN and county records. I understand that Jack's Kool-Aid has some people addicted to it. And I'm not looking for perfection in the DA's office, I'd settle for a DA with integrity, who has felony trial experience, who isn't beholden to political interests, and who will actually charge and prosecute only when he has the evidence to support that action. We don't have that with Jack Roady.

PD Hyatt

If you have the means to prove a nickels worth of what you are saying then be a man and go get Mr. Roady charged with prosecutorial misconduct.... Jack has more integrity and honesty then probably any one that I know. Of course it is so easy to sit behind a computer and write stuff that may or may not be true for if there was any truth to the matter a man would take this to Austin and get it stopped.... I would rather be a friend of Jack who care more about what is correct in the law, then some firebrand that like you just goes around on social media spouting things and hoping that something will stick.... There used to be someone in the last century that used to say if you tell a lie long enough and often enough soon people will start to believe you.... Sorry not in to that kind of smear campaign....

Chris Gimenez

Taken from this article, "Roady points to being named the Prosecutor of the Year by the State Bar of Texas in 2016 as a sign of his reputation."
Jack's in good company. Here's another DA who received the same award.
"A top prosecutor has been accused of hiding evidence in a murder case which saw the wrong man jailed for 25 years and allowed the real killer to walk free and murder again."

"Ken Anderson won prosecutor of the year for getting a conviction in the case of Michael Morton, from Texas, who was accused of bludgeoning his wife to death in 1986 while their three-year-old son sat in another room in their home."

"Morton always denied he had anything to do with his wife Christine's death and 25 years later, DNA evidence linked another man to the crime."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2177872/Ken-Anderson-Prosecutor-hid-evidence-cleared-innocent-husband-Micheal-Morton.html#ixzz57TTqKltE
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There are consequences when the innocent are accused. In the Michael Morton case, District Attorney Ken Anderson's withholding of evidence got the conviction of an innocent man but it cost the life of another woman by the real murderer in Morton's case. It's time for a change in the DA's office before Jack Roady becomes our Ken Anderson.

PD Hyatt

Hmmmm.... When I used to work in the oil industry I seem to remember that a boss would come around and dictate to his staff what our jobs were. Then we would be judged on how well we did those jobs. So according to Chris Gimenez there is a new way to do work and that is for the boss to do everything and the works get to sit around and watch him/her work. I don't think that works very well in any organization that I have ever been around. Most of the time the boss will give guidance and direction and then the workers will take off and get the job done. Again it is far easier to spout off on social media then to actually do something of consequence. Again, if you have all of this so called evidence of prosecutorial wrong doing, do something about it other than post silly stuff on social media.

Chris Gimenez

PD, Jack Roady depends on people like you to keep him in office. There is a world of difference between being a competent District Attorney who trains ADAs in unbiased justice and someone like Jack Roady. My offer stands, if have something other than your blind allegiance to Jack Roady to offer as a rebuttal then let's hear it.

Chris Gimenez

Adam Poole, Jack Roady's lead ADA for felony cases has been a rabid critic of Tom Dickens stance on having the evidence before going to trial but he is strangely silent when it comes to questions about cases under his watch. In January of 2018 a San Leon man went to trial on a felony assault charge and actually represented himself. No defense attorney, just went up there all by his lonesome. And he was acquitted. No, I serious. He defended himself against a felony assault charge from Jack Roady's office and he defended himself in court and he was acquitted. They didn't have the evidence but they charged him any way and he shamed Jack Roady and Adam Poole by exposing their misconduct. http://www.galvnews.com/news/free/article_eab38ffb-1770-58a1-80bf-3c71ba935607.html

Chris Gimenez

Just another quick thought about Roady's comment to the GCDN that they win about 89% of all felony cases that go to trial. I'd like to see those real numbers but what he doesn't say-and bless their little hearts the GCDN didn't ask-is how many felony cases are dismissed before they go to trial and how many are pled down to misdemeanors because the felony evidence wasn't there? I think it's an abuse of office and the judicial system when Roady charges someone with a felony knowing he doesn't have the evidence, they have to hire a defense attorney on a felony charge which is enormously expensive and then they take a misdemeanor plea just to get it over with. It ain't right and it ain't justice. But that's Jack Roady.

PD Hyatt

So sad to see how so much hatred someone has for someone else.... Hatred is an evil thing....

Mark Stevens

Tom Dickens is totally unqualified. Run his Texas Bar Number 05820800 on the district clerk's website and you will not find it on a single criminal case. He has had maybe a dozen civil cases since he started practicing. He hangs around criminal trials these days as a spectator, possibly to see what actually happens in a criminal trial.
But worse, he should have had better sense than to bring up alleged missteps in a serious, pending criminal case.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'm backing Jack...Roady.
Mark W. Stevens

Chris Gimenez

So Mark, how many criminal cases has Roady tried himself during his time with Harris County DA's Office and Galveston County DA's Office? I'll give you a clue, it's a round number. 0 as in zero. I have no doubt there are some defense attorneys who love Jack Roady because he's good for business. Charge innocent people with misdemeanors, they get an attorney and it gets dismissed. Or even better, charge them with a felony when there's no evidence to support it, they have to pay a defense attorney the felony rate and then they get a misdemeanor but at a felony rate. So here's a question for you Mark. When Roady takes a felony and takes it to a misdemeanor because he never had the evidence for a misdemeanor do you give a refund to your clients? As for Tom Dickens hanging around criminal courts to see what's going on, at least he does that. Many in the courtrooms don't even know what Roady looks like because he's never in court. Not sure what alleged missteps you're talking about or what criminal case but Roady's track record regarding missteps is proven. Jack Roady is good for business. Unless you're one of his innocent victims.

Chris Gimenez

Mark, before I go on to other things on my Sunday do you have any thing to add to the felony case where the defendant beat Roady's team without a defense attorney? Is that what you call competency? Wow.

Chris Gimenez

Mark, just one more thing if you don't mind opining on it for us. Wouldn't a savvy politician like Jack Roady want to try a high profile murder case himself? Just like the one they recently had a mistrial on? Seems like Jack would want to display his bonafides for everyone to see but maybe he doesn't really have any.

I know I said one more thing but I mean it this time. Wouldn't you think a top notch, competent, ethical DA like Jack Roady put just a little due diligence into the special prosecutors he hires to take care of his politician friends-oops, I mean the cases he has a "conflict of interest" in-by checking to see if they have had their law licenses suspended numerous times and in fact worked in Roady's court on two felony cases while his license was suspended? Just asking. Don't really expect a reply from you.

Susan Criss

Mark it is very broken.

Kurt Sistrunk

Went to dinner tonight with family and someone comes up to me and says "Hey, you were in the paper today!" I ask what about and was told there was an article mentioning losing the election in 2010. I just read all these comments, and all I know is.... hmm... to quote Roseanne Roseannadanna, "Never Mind".

Chris Gimenez

That's what happens when people vote for a "D" or an "R" instead of the kind of person needed for the position. You proved your integrity when you overruled your legal department regarding Bayou Vista's fraud, corruption, and criminality after Ike and wanted to go to grand jury with it. Roady covered it up, protected the criminal cops and corrupt politicians and retaliated against those of us who brought it to his attention and forced the issue. If our justice system worked Roady would be under indictment right now.

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