Newly elected Councilwoman Sharon Lewis wants to light up the town — or at least the poorly illuminated parts of District 1.

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Bailey Jones

[thumbup] I'm very lucky (and thankful) to have a street light at my house. I do believe it helps with crime. I've installed solar spotlights to illuminate our alley, as well as cameras. It's cut down on the number of people using our alley for drugs and prostitution. And local thieves have quit using our alley as a place to stash their stolen goods.

But probably the best thing to reduce crime is to reduce the number of empty houses. We've made good progress there as well with many houses nearby being renovated in the last 4 years. An empty house is just as inviting as a dark street - criminals know that no one is there to watch them.

George Laiacona

If street lighting was the only problem in District 1 the negative comments concerning the district would almost disappear. It took three years to convince the city that street lights on Broadway were antiquated. The existing fixtures were replaced with LEDs, but there is still not enough lighting. Quite a few people walk on Broadway after dark. The present amount of lighting is still inadequate.District one has many more inadequate situations such as heavy trash pickup and street cleaning. I can assume that the real problem is that no upper classes of rich citizens live in District 1. Money always gets attention first. The rest are neglected.

Emilio Nicolas

Agreed! Unfortunately, it appears our City Government and more affluent areas do not understand that higher levels of crime in any area affect all areas. Police, fire fighters, and other resources are shared by all of Galveston ... so should the basic necessities such as street lighting to help lower those other costs.

Mary Branum

Lighting is an issue in the entire district, not just north of Broadway. If it weren't for porch lights, there would be no lighting mid block.

Bailey, you are accurate in your statement regarding vacant properties with many vacant for more than 20 years but never addressed. I understand litigation takes time - but decades? Why aren't these slum property owners brought to task?

Whether it be trash, noise, parking or vacant houses, enforcement of existing ordinances is seriously lacking in this City.

Charlotte O'rourke

I’m looking forward to Sharon Lewis making a difference in District 1 for neighborhoods and the lives of working families.

If the port has the funding to build a road to nowhere (with a bike path) and remove rail that goes through an industrial cargo area to help push the cargo business out the door instead of waiting until the business can be successfully transitioned to another Galveston location, maybe instead of the IDC giving the port extra funds, the IDC can devote the funds to lighting and a pathway through a historical neighborhood.

George Laiacona

If you want to see just how street lighting works on Broadway take a look at what is presently in place. The lighting poles are located in the center of the esplanades. There are no sidewalks in the esplanades. The pedestrian side walls are 30 feet away. The lighting is good for the automobiles using the left lanes, but is totally useless for the side walls. People use these sidewalks all day and most of the nights.

Bailey Jones


Jack Reeves

All good points! However; I have never understood why that district is so overlooked. I don't think it's intentional; maybe with this energetic council person in place., the historical value of that area will finally be recognized. So much of it is already lost.

Charlotte O'rourke

I think Mayor Yarbrough and City Council started the rebirth. I hope it continues in a positive direction with Ms. Lewis leading the charge and path forward.

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