Although the omicron variant of COVID-19 seems to result in much less severe illness than did its predecessor delta, in sheer numbers, COVID has never been worse in Galveston County. On Friday, the number of identified active cases topped 9,000 for the first time ever, according to the county health district.

The Question of the Week is: Are you changing how you live — limiting contact with others, staying in more, masking — because of omicron?


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Bailey Jones

Nope - masks, social distancing, and vaccines - same as it ever was.

Carlos Ponce

Prospero limited contact with others, stayed in more, masking — because of the Red Death. It didn't help.

Edgar Allan Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death" was fiction but somehow fitting in today's climate of fear.

As for me, I'm doing the same thing I did in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

FDR never said "We have nothing to fear but the pandemic virus". Remember he had polio. That didn't stop him.

Gary Scoggin

I’m masking more and being more cautious to avoid crowded places.


I am being more careful about entering crowed places, reduced eating in restaurants, decided to not attend Galveston Symphony Orchestra (which was subsequently canceled), and just canceled a cruise scheduled for early February.

Andy Aycoth

Didn’t we defeat COVID on July 4th. ?

I pretty sure Joe Biden said that so why are we still worried ?

Andy Aycoth

Gary Miller

Checked with my DR. to make sure she has theraputics I prefer. No mask and doing every thing as usual. Not Vaxed either. Life is too short to waste on fearing a bug. If I get the bug I expect treatment on day one to be first of three days until cured. Lot better than changing routine, spending hours in testing line or buying and wearing useless face masks. As long as I'm not infected I can't infect others.

Harvey Mueller

I've not changed my routine. No mask and I'm not living in fear and hiding. Got vaxed then tested positive for covid 3 months later. Thought the vaccine prevents infection. Well until the story changed. Everything we've heard re: covid prevention and management has changed week to week. This is a medical issue and needs to be handled by the medical community. Politicians have done a horrid job and need to get out of trying to manage this.

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