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David Schuler

The seawall is a terrible and unforgiving environment for electronic equipment and trying to use a crosswalk signal that would feel right at home in the middle of a quiet subdivision is extraordinarily false economy.

Bailey Jones


Don Schlessinger


George Laiacona

For the past ten years I have been trying to entice our city officials into taking a serious look at the successful crosswalk situation in Pagosa Springs Colorado. It has no problem stopping traffic on the six lane highway that travels through the middle of town. This system would easily work on the Seawall where traffic is considerably less.

Karen Sawyer

I love the way money keeps getting thrown at tourist safety when f they would walk a few blocks its safe to cross... meanwhile all islanders need new tires because of pot holes..OMG Heards Lane is a joke.

Lizzie Tish


Matt Havard

Poorly-executed bad ideas rarely come to fruition, despite underlying good intentions. I agree that the existing crosswalks are under-utilized by pedestrians; the fact that they are so close to each other means drivers don't like them, either. How about ONE more traditional crosswalk with a light overhanging the intersection, as described above?

Lisa Keeler

There is absolutely zero reason to have 2 crosswalks within about 100 yards of one another, especially when there is a red light with crosswalk about another 100 yards away. They do nothing but make traffic in an already busy area back up even more. I could maybe, maybe understand 1 crosswalk along the property lines of the two hotels, but again, there is a red light with crosswalk within easy walking distance.

I remember after they were originally installed, there was an article in the paper stating additional ones were going to be built along the Seawall in other locations. To this day, not one single additional one has been added. Meanwhile, we have areas that have many, many blocks between red lights (west of 61st, for example) where people have to chance it to cross over to the beach (which used to not be an issue before more hotels were built and sand pumped in to create more beach).

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