Battleship Texas

The USS Texas is shown moored in the Battleship Texas State Historic Site on March 20, 2019.


Local interest in bringing the Battleship Texas to Galveston is mounting as a citizen-led committee prepares to release a report outlining recommendations on where to berth the historic ship.

John Wayne Ferguson: 409-683-5226; or on Twitter @johnwferguson.


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Miceal O'Laochdha

"It’s not going to be Seawolf Park,” Bramlett said. “That would be a worse location than what we’re in.” Mr. Bramlett's statement here is exceedingly disingenuous and probably intended to lead Galvestonians to believe that a berth near downtown is the only option and we should be pushing local leaders for that location. First, saying a location is unsuitable in comparison to where they are now is meaningless because they have no option to ever return to where they are now after the ship leaves for the drydock. Second, the drive to Seawolf Park from Galveston is infinitely more attractive to a typical tourist than the drive out to Pasadena and down amongst all the refineries, including the scary view as they pass the burned out / melted hulks of the storage tanks at ITT from that massive fire. They must pass within about 200 feet of that scene destruction while completely surrounded by other (so far not burning) tanks of unknown petroleum and chemical products. Tourists are just not drawn to those views...

David Schuler

I have a more serious concern for a berth here. The salinity levels, amount of marine growth and corrosion in Galveston's water is exponentially worse than where she is docked now. I had a boat in the Galveston Yacht Club for a short while and the amount of moss, barnacles and zinc corrosion in that slip was far worse then when i moved to Clear Lake. The ship channel is brackish whereas we have 100% salt water. Unless the ship sits in filtered water protected by a cofferdam or is moored in concrete, the bottom will have to be redone at least every 10 years and that may prove prohibitively expensive. Not to mention the corrosion on the superstructure. Hate to say it, but a berth here is just not a good idea if long term preservation is the primary goal.

And the drive to Seawolf park? Compared to other areas in Galveston, it is an embarrassment.

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