Vigil in League City

State rep. Greg Bonnen lights a candle in honor of Aaron Kyle McLeod during a vigil for Santa Fe at Walter Hall Park on Sunday, May 20, 2018. Each speaker lit a candle in honor of the victims of the school shooting.

A bill filed Wednesday in the Texas House of Representatives proposes Texas school districts be held to a higher standard for school security or face a takeover by the state.

State Rep. Greg Bonnen, a Republican from Friendswood, filed the new school safety legislation.

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Diane Turski

State control?!? Ha! The state should return to funding their fair share for schools as a good start in supporting schools to attain this safety goal.

Bailey Jones

Austin seems keen on taking away local control from Texans these days.

George Croix

Are they wanting to take away control, or CREATE control where little if anything is being done?
Not exactly the same thing.

Moving along to that school funding thing, when do the usual suspects plan to stop advocating for more school attendees who shouldn’t even be here??? Kind of silly to whine about limited funds while holding the door open with a big ‘come on in and get some’ sign.,,,
Not very evonomically sound, but very ‘progressive’.....

Ma Gill

The legislature's solution to EVERY problem is more training, more training, more training.

Will teachers be paid to work additional days for this training? Or will they be allowed to plan fewer lessons so as to have time for said training?

Oh, I know: let's have the poor teachers do even more work in the allotted time!

Jarvis Buckley

George I like the way you think!!

Jose' Boix

It is great that our legislators develop all these bill regarding the need to reform the education finance system, but they just re-cut the same size (or a reduced size pie). What we need is to start with a new bigger pie to meet an equitable and uniform formula, then apportion the pie pieces. Otherwise all such proposals is like the proverbial "spit in the ocean" game strategy. Just my thoughts.

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