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Christopher Smith

I can't believe they'd consider getting rid of the recycling center. I use it all the time. If anything, the city should expand the curbside recycling program.

Maggie Pinson

Agreed. Galveston is already behind the times by not offering curbside service for a fee. The goal is to encourage recycling as a behavior, not make money. There must be break even models out there that Galveston could adopt.

Lisa Keeler

Get rid of the recycling program? NO!!!

That is such a step in the wrong direction for Galveston.

I also don't like the idea of moving it. Right now, it is in an OK location that is easy to access for most islanders.

If anything, the city should offer curbside recycling for all of the island.

Roy Hughes

Written by Lynne Springer

Wow! After a horrible 2020 the city of Galveston is making the year even worse. I do not think that the City needs to get of the recycling center. Curbside recycle would be nice but, given their stance on recycling as a whole I am not sure they could wrap their hands around this.

The fact that the recycling is on prime real estate it shows that the city is more interested in lining the pockets with gold than to make their city and environment cleaner.

If the city is not making enough money off what we recycle maybe some research needs to be done: are we selling to the right companies, are we taking in enough recycling from our residents to have enough to sell ( at a better rate), are there in house changes that we need to make, etc? If the city council does not have the time to research this needs to go out to the citizens. Maybe there needs to be a larger citizens committee to look into this matter.

I still believe that we need to consider those who live on the east end. It is bad enough that the majority of grocery stores are located on the west end. Now, the majority of banking centers are located on the west end.

The city seems to be too consumed with having a city service location on prime real estate. How long did that property sit there before deciding to put a recycle center there? What about the amount of money the city is paying the county for the use of the facilities they are using on 59th Street to house the both the police department and

the fire department?

Don Schlessinger

We definitely need to keep the recycling center. Without it our alleys and gutters will be trashed with discarded junk that should be disposed of safely. As to curbside pick lets keep it for those who are not able to get to the recycling center in person. I'm 76 and still physically able to use the 61st street center without problems so I do.

Rebecca Goodwin

City Council should consider the main goal of recycling - reducing the amount of waste in landfills. Making a profit would be nice, but should not be the primary objective.

Bailey Jones


Gary Miller

Recycling is the best, perhaps only, policy offered by environmentalists with any value. Growing populations will make recycling a critical future part of consumer supply. When anything is recycled it reduces the burden on the planet's supply chain.

Bailey Jones


Mary Branum

The idea of recycling is great for our planet. However, the practicality and associated costs have proven it is not always a viable option. As someone who attempted recycling for years in high rise office buildings it failed miserably as fewer companies were purchasing recyclables to the point it cost the properties to remove them as well as additional manpower to handle them. Common business sense says you can't operate at a loss. Until a better process comes along, recycling is a financial burden.

Dalton Logan

I to have also read where most of the plastics, paper and glass end up in the landfills anyway after being collected. As you noted, the cost of recycling dose not pay for itself and there are few buyers of the materials.

Leigh Cowart

We just hired a new guy to take over the recycling center. I say we give it some more time and if need be, a citizen committee to look at the issues/profit & loss, accessibility, etc., and present to council. I have reduced my sanitation pickup by two thirds and that

which I recycle isn't going into a landfill. That should account for something! Let's do more research before we throw the baby out with the bathwater....

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