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Kelly Naschke

Shouldn't it be the other way around and the police questioning what kind of families raises a carjacker that hits women in the pipes and wrestles with an officer for his gun?

Lisa Gray

So an illegal Honduran immigrant (with 7 siblings ) tries to car jack a woman, hits her with a metal pipe, then leads police on a chase, attempts to grab the police officers gun. Is that the gist of this article? Why is the headline not about the fact that this is a person in the country illegally who is committing a crime? I am sorry that the family has suffered the loss of their child, but if that child was not raised to know right from wrong and has committed very dangerous crimes, maybe this family needs to be looked at a little closer. Are the other members of this family also inclined to commit crime of a serious nature? Americans deserve to be safe.

Christopher Smith

Hey Lisa, where did you find the information about him being from Honduras and here illegally? I hadn't seen that piece of information in any story.

Brian Griffith

From the article...

"He was a Honduran immigrant...he arrived four years ago seeking citizenship, although undocumented,”

Kelly Naschke

How embarrassing for Christopher to comment without even reading the article in its entirety.

Christopher Smith

Ah, my mistake. I skimmed through the story too quickly. Thanks

Donna Fraley

GIVE THE INVESTIGATION TIME! It's barely even been a week!!! I am sick to death of the Facebook court and everyone rushing to make judgment! Give both families time to process this and time to heal. An officer has the hardest job on this earth and has to make split second decisions in the blink of an eye. Let the legal system work. You will get your answers.

(btw, this is not directed at the comments here that I see but more so at the freaking ambulance chasing attorneys and chatter online)

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