An East End business last week began manufacturing powdered alcohol for sale on the island, despite concerns raised by some residents who worry the product would be easily accessible and alluring to minors and could pose a fire hazard in the historic neighborhood where it operates.

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dawn wilson

Technically he was not grandfathered in. A special Council agenda item to grant him permission because he was in violation of the zoning and was trying to have a Light Industrial item included in the new zoning as permissible in the East End Historic District. Go back to the City Council meeting minutes, it is enlightening.

Kitty Allen

You are correct! Thank you for pointing this out.

Ana Draa

And he voted on it! The definition of a conflict of interest.

dawn wilson

Here is the info from the Daily News March 6 2015 by John Wayne Ferguson

In a split vote, the council failed to approve a proposal that would allow a light industrial use to be permitted in the East End Historical District. District 3 councilman Ralph McMorris had asked the council to consider giving his property at 1208 Postoffice Street to be a permitted use for food and beverage manufacturing. McMorris’ business, Lt. Blender’s Cocktails in a Bag, operates from the building, which is a former ice cream factory.

In discussing McMorris’ request, the council was told by planning director Rick Vasquez that the business currently only possesses a special-use permit to operate a catering business.

That raised questions about whether McMorris’ business would be non-conforming.

Mayor Jim Yarbrough and District 6 Councilwoman Carolyn Sunseri voted against McMorris’ request. McMorris himself abstained from the vote due to the conflict of interest. Mayor Pro Tem Terrilyn Tarlton also abstained.

Yarbrough said the issues raised too many questions about conflict to be passed in the LDR process, and said he would prefer if McMorris would request the zoning change through the normal rezoning process after the LDR was passed.

jimmy winston

Everyone is pro-business until it moves into their backyard, NIMBY-ism at its finest.. This guy did everything right. Permits, licenses, sign off from Fire Marshal and people are still going to complain.

dawn wilson

He did not do everything right! As a Councilman he operated his business under a special use permit for catering. He then tried to insert into the new zoning regulations a light industrial zoning for the East End so his Colonel Blenders business would be legal.

Miceal O'Laochdha

McMorris is a crafty guy. With all the teenagers (and younger) out there currently losing access to lung-destroying candy-flavored vapors, the market is just crying out for child-oriented booze. Slick as a smelt...

Gary Miller

Is quality control dependent on water quality used to make the mix? Which bottled water is best? Is distilled water better? Is alcohol % dependent on which water is used?

Miceal O'Laochdha

Quality Assurance and Quality Control policies at Col. Blender' as follows: QC: Is the bag leaking? No. Check. QA: Did the kid pay us? Yes. Check. Seawater is always best.

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