The city is proposing a budget that includes a 2-cent tax increase in fiscal year 2020, a hike that would cost owners of a $175,000 house about $35 more during the year, officials said.

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Ray Taft

What a surprise! A city lead by a Democrat, Mayor James Yarbrough, is getting a tax increase because ‘There are a lot of infrastructure needs on the island.’

Clinton Stevens

If we’re being honest, instead of of laying the blame for a tax hike on public safety costs, how about we take a look at whoever thought it was a good idea not to settle the CDM lawsuit for less than half of the $14MM judgment the city was ultimately slapped with.

Miceal O'Laochdha

It is peculiar that City leaders can grasp the urgent need for infrastructure maintenance and repair and the associated costs, yet they can't grasp that the new revenues generated by the Port are ugently needed for the Port. And, the Port must get that money from their WORK, not from taxes.

Wayne Holt

I have yet to find anyone who wants to see a bigger bite on their tax assessment, but I don't want to approach our condo building in a gondola gliding through the Postoffice St Canal, drive down streets that mimic the lunar surface or turn on the tap and get a glass of dust. Those issues cost money to address. The causes here are 1) infrastructure past its useful life and 2) inflation causing higher material and labor costs. I'm pretty sure Mayor Yarbrough's political affiliation wouldn't have much impact on either of those factors...and I'm speaking as a non-Democrat.

Gary Miller

Poorly run city, Galveston, raising taxes? Better run city, League City, cutting taxes? League City's tax rate is already lower than Galveston's and going lower. Voters made the choice that keeps Galveston down and has League city thriving.

Ron Shelby

Gary, a much better run city now. For decades former councils avoided all of the major infrastructure maintenance, repairs and replacements that had to be done. Sections of wate supply line over a hundred years old and leaks everywhere in the system. Major issues with sewer and drainage. This administration has been working hard during the last 8 years to get things to write. A mulch older city overall than league city, the two are nowhere comparable.

Bailey Jones

Median house price in League City is 265K vs 207K in Gtown. Median income in LC is 97K vs 38K for Galveston. Clear Clreek ISD tax is 1.4%, GISD is 1.16%. Many different apples and oranges here.

Bailey Jones

I assume you don't live in Galveston. Because you know how your president hates people who complain about where they live.

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