WASHINGTON (AP) — Ted Cruz's political career already featured many surprise twists before a jaunt to Mexico this week brought him a new level of notoriety.

The Texas senator was once the biggest threat to Donald Trump capturing the 2016 presidential nomination. During a particularly bitter stretch of that year's Republican primary, Cruz called Trump a “coward” and “pathological liar.” By last month, however, Cruz was one of Trump's staunchest allies and a leader in the former president's attempt to overturn the November election.

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Gary Miller

Democrat and MSM attack Cruz for a trip that was a nothing burger. Cruz is in federal government with no real job in Texas affairs. Anything he does for Texas can be done by phone. Offering opinions in person would have his detractors yapping just as much.


Bailey Jones

I can't imagine Texas Republicans not re-electing a tea party con man like Cruz again.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, the man will be re-elected. The only ones who won't vote for him are those who did not vote for him in the first place. In other words,no matter what the good Senator does, you're gonna HATE on it.HATERS GONNA HATE!

George Laiacona

Can anyone list the things our Senators hav done for middle class Texans?

Bailey Jones

Sure, George -

1) Saved us from Democrat Socialist Communism.

2) Saved our guns from the Democrat Socialist Communists.

3) Saved us from Liberal Democrat Socialist Communist skateboarders.

4) Saved our marriages from Democrat Socialist Communist Gay Stuff.

5) Saved us from the thought that we have a Senator named "Rafael".

6) Saved us from having to confront the radical right-wing white supremacist underpinnings of Trump's fraudulent election claims and the subsequent violent insurrection against the heart of our democracy.

Gary Miller

George> They are not supposed to do things for middle class Texans. They are supposed to do things for all Texans.

Carlos Ponce

Our Senators voted for things I believe in, voted against things I don't believe in.

Mary Gillespie

Scandal? Is it scandalous for a father to accompany his young daughters on vacation out of the country? Surely GDN doesn't think he should have let them go unaccompanied! Good grief.

This is nothing like democrats telling people not to travel, then traveling themselves.

Jim Forsythe

Ted Cruz's job is to help and protect the people of Texas. During this time he needed to be in Texas. He headed back to Houston after only one night in Mexico.

Instead of staying in the state of Texas to help people anyway he could, he choose to go out of the Country and as a result he forced his daughters to be be quarantined. He knew the rules, so he is not being a good father. because a good father would not put his daughters thru being quarantined and missing school.

"Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s two daughters will have to quarantine for seven to 10 days after returning from their now-infamous trip to Cancun — and they will miss classes at their pricey private school for that whole week."

This is aa pattern with Sen. Ted Cruz, as he traveled to Jamaica last year for the Fourth of July, despite public health recommendations to avoid unnecessary travel during the pandemic. The reason for that trip was he was visiting a friend from college. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines at the time recommended Americans avoid nonessential international travel due to the risk of coronavirus transmission.

Is Ted Cruz doing anything to help others?

What could Ted Cruz have done if he would have stayed in Texas? He could have taken a page from the following politicians that were helping out at food banks and handing out water and finding people shelter. Some are putting pressure on ERCOT to help fix the problem. He could be using his political clout to help the Governor with this. He could have done many things instead of running off for a day in the sun.

O'Rourke tweeted Wednesday night that his virtual event made over 151,000 calls to senior citizens across the state. "One of our vols talked to a man stranded at home w/out power in Killeen, hadn’t eaten in 2 days, got him a ride to a warming center and a hot meal," O'Rourke tweeted.

The office of Sheila Jackson Lee has tweeted that the Congresswoman, along with nonprofit organization NACC Disaster Service, will be handing out bottle water and groceries to Houston communities affected by the winter storm, starting at 1 p.m

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., raised $3.2 million for relief efforts in Texas as of Friday night before visiting Houston to help in the recovery effort. The funds raised by the progressive lawmaker will go toward 12 food banks and relief organizations, including the Bridge Homeless Recovery Center, Ending Community Homelessness Coalition, Family Eldercare, Feeding Texas and the Houston Food Bank, according to the donations page.

Also Mattress Mack opened his stores for Houstonians amid dangerous winter storm: 'We're here for them'

Ted Cruz is doing what?

David Schuler

I support Ted Cruz. Mostly. But deciding to show just how rich and powerful he was by fleeing the state during the arctic disaster was incredibly stupid. That's strike one. Then instead of taking the blame as the adult involved he places it squarely on the shoulders of his two young daughters. Strike two. Finally he appears to regret the "optics" of the event far more than the reality. Strike three. I sure hope there is an alternative next time.

Ted Gillis

He could have stayed behind and thrown paper towel rolls to individuals gathered at his neighborhood community center, which I guess in his case is the River Oaks Country Club.

Yeah, let’s all vote for him in 2024.

David Hardee

Any wanting help can contact many of the Christian charitable organizations like the NACC (National Association of Christian Charities) Disaster Services 8524 Highway 6 N, #474

Houston, TX

Call (832) 626-7111

Which Sheila Jaackson Lee used to usedat no expense to her.

Criticizing Cruz is acceptable. But mentioniing poitical panderers Ocasio's and Jackson Lee playing for notierity in the same comment with a true philantropher like Mattres Mac insults the intelligence of any tthat read that comment.

Don Schlessinger


Jim Forsythe

David, the ones I listed helped, did Ted Cruz?

They used the groups to pass out water, food and check on people in their homes , what groups did Ted Cruz use, how many people did he help?

David, you may think that Sheila Jackson Lee, Beto O'Rourke and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are playing for notoriety but Ted is not doing anything to help.

David, would you like it better if they did nothing, like Ted?

It's amazing that you post the same group that Sheila Jackson Lee was helping at, but complained because she was at that group, NACC helping, and she also used the news to let everyone know that if the need help, please come and let them help.,

What places of help did Ted Cruz let everyone know that he would be at, helping pass out water and food?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raised now over $4 Million to help Texans, how much money did Ted Cruz raise?

David explain why people that are able to help and do, did anything thing wrong?

David also explain why it is OK for Ted Cruz to run off when the state he is a Senator for, needed his help?

Does Ted Cruz not have any political pull in Washington DC? If he does not have pull, after the many years he has been in DC, he needs to be replaced.

Ted needed to call in all his IOUs he has!

David Hardee

Jim - don't be a jerk and reread my words "criticizing Cruz is acceptable" and you are certainly obsessed with doing that.

Ocasio is a repugnant NY politician that needs to stay where the swill of the Democratic Party has corrupted the City and State she represents.

You representing Ocasio as anythiing but a panderer is asinine.

Beto is you man with a plan to putrify Texas then vote for him.

And to Sheila Jackson Lee, she wants to remove Confederate names from schools all while carrying JACKSON and LEE around as her identity. Seems appropriate that she would quit demeaning them by having their names attached to such a beligerant malcontent Democrat.

Jim Forsythe

David, this week Texas was in trouble and is still having problems. Over 1300 cities did not have safe drinking water and some like Hitchcock still do not. The ones that had safe water had many people in that city with frozen pipes. If the handing out of water had not happened (and still is), many more peoples lives would have be at risk.

When a person steps up when they did not have to it is wondaful, and AOC could have not done anything, and no one would have thought bad of her. But she organized a fund raiser for us, to help us. If your family needed water would you turn it down if AOC was handing it out?

AOC raises nearly $5 million in Texas relief efforts and by now may be $5 million. Are you saying Texas should refuse AOC's help?

Beto was helping by calling people to make sure people were OK. Are you saying he should have not helped by calling people and make sure that they were OK? How many people was he able to comfort in their time of need or help reassured them that they were not alone in this.

Sheila Jackson Lee helped with handing out food and water, are you saying she should not help? She is also trying to get resources to Texas from other states.

When people are in need of help, they do not care what party one belongs too or how they vote on bills.

Gary Scoggin

I'm no fan of AOC's politics and I'm no fan of SJL's constant publicity stunts. But I am a fan of our elected leaders doing what they can to help out in a crisis, especially those that help out in another state. So, although I'd likely never vote for either, I want to thank them for their efforts.

Ted Gillis

The same thing happened after hurricane Ike, when Sheila Jackson Lee showed up in Galveston. People complained that she was just following the news cameras around. That may have been, but at least she showed up and offered to get help. Our congressman at the time, Ron Paul, never left his home in Lake Jackson. I don’t think he understood that even represented Galveston.

Jim Forsythe

Ted Cruz did pass out water yesterday.

Two thing that he needed to do. One was to quarantine. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, travelers coming back from international trips should quarantine for seven days after returning to the U.S. His Daughters will have to quarantine because their school requires it, and informed all parents of this in January. Their school will not allow them to use zoom, to make up their work.

The other thing was to pass out water where the most people are at. In three images, Cruz is pictured loading packs of water into people’s cars, however it is not known exactly where and when the photographs were taken. In Cruz’s pictures, the parking lot appeared almost empty.

Did someone say, political panderer TED!

Carlos Ponce

Gee Jim. Looks like all our Liberal forum contributors are on a HATE binge!

Cary Semar

It may very well be that there was nothing that Cruz could or would have done, had he stayed in Texas during the crisis. However, I have heard that 90% of any job is just showing up.

Charles Douglas

It never cease to amaze me how the Radical LEFT Communist China supporters will make a mountain out of a molehill whenever they can ascertain or make-up something on a conservative! They care nothing about Swalwell sleeping with a Chinese Spy for years exposing all our top national, and military secrets to spying and espionage from our number one enemy on the planet, China! They are not concerned with the "LUV GOV" stupidly, and arrogantly setting up thousands and thousands of senior citizens to die in senior citizen homes in New York, from the Red China Virus ...just because he wanted to make TRUMP look bad! He put people's lives at risk for his own political ambitions, and satisfaction!

You hear none of them say a thing about the "JUNTA" keeping many of the schools in this nation closed because of COVID, ...but at the same time the Communist "JUNTA" ..which is now running the White House, has opened the Southern Border up to anyone in the world from anywhere... to cross our borders without being check for COVID! These include those who have been deported before, now they are free to come back! Nothing is.mentioned about the "JUNTA" essentially rendering our " ICE & BORDER PATROL" useless by requiring them to get permission from DC before they can arrest or deport anybody! So.today's subject is Ted Cruz! It is his turn to receive the hate, vitriol, and disdain coming from XI JINPING surrogates. No need for Cruz to worry, those who won't vote for him were not going to even if he had not gone on that trip!

Gary Scoggin

Charles, thanks for working China comments into an article that has nothing to do with China. I love your passion. And your consistency!

Charles Douglas

You are quite welcome "OG",..fact is it's always a pleasure to point out the ultra-hypocrisy being spewed out from the Radical-LEFT concering the issues of this country.

Tell us about the border crossings, and why the law is being circumvented by LEFTIST policies and executive orders! Why is Ted Cruz the Whipping boy of the week for taking an overnight trip? Maybe he deserved the criticism for not being perfect like you and the others who are screaming for his head, but have not mumbled a word about what the " Luv-Gov" did in New York! I love how yall call everything Right Wing "non sense" when someone calls yall out on the hypocrisies involved! The non-sense and stupidity is what going on in this country since the Communist Radical "JUNTA" which controls the White House" is doing to a once great nation! That is the non'- sense I am observng!

I see GENOCIDE of Black & Hispanic babies happening in this country daily by mass ABORTION and INFANTICIDE! If that was not enough, now the LEFT is trying to distribute a vaccine to this nation, but are systematically under vaccinating hundreds of thousands of African-Americans and Hispanics citizens, even though they have been identified as a higher risk group perishing from the Red China Virus! All this but the LEFT continues to lie and crave the votes of minorities, at the same time as they limit their educations, and opportunities to rise up and be self responsible and self sufficient! Protect their votes, but keep them dependent, KEEP them on the."Proverbial Plantation!" I think Lyndon Johnson perfected that Ideology! He was right too! I have some in my family who.still vote for the LEFT for free stuff, & government subsidies.

I had an old insulator tell me once so many years ago, he said, "Young man ..it is alright to think of yourself as being smart, but don't go around thinking everybody else is a [censored]..fool!" The LEFT think themselves as being smart but the rest of us are [censored] fools to them! Better think again ...and replace EVERYBODY else with SOMEBODY else! It is like those guys who formed that circus some decades ago, and they had a saying, " There's One Born Every Second!" I don't know what the enemy have yall smoking or sipping on, but some of us can see and hear what is being done around us and to us!

Gary Scoggin

I just wish Croix was still around so he could tie illegal aliens into this.

Bailey Jones

And Ray - whatever happened to Ray? It doesn't seem fair to put the whole burden of spouting right-wing nonsense on just Gary M and Charles.

Gary Miller

Bailey> I don't consider my load to be a burden.

Bailey Jones

Maybe it's just a burden to the rest of us. [tongue]

David Hardee

Regarding Ocasio and Sheila Jackson Lee being mentioned in this thread.

Any that make an effort to assist those in need are to be applauded. The value of their assistance is directly related to their intent and the direct cost to them of their contribution. Consequently, the politician that is being of assistance is:

1, required to be of assistance as loyalty to their constituents.

2. providing assistance without any personal direct cost.

3, expecting the remuneration of a vote.

4. wanting the publication and notoriety.

These are the reasons why Ocasio and Jackson Lee are not to be considerer charitable.

Mattress Mac gets self-gratification and notoriety and incurs a cost to him directly.

Ergo Ocasio and Jackson Lee are pandering and do not deserve being mentioned with Mattress Mac in the same comment.


Jim Forsythe

So David, we should refuse the $5 Million that's helping in providing water and food for those in need.?

Should Houston not allow Sheila Jackson Lee to help with passing out water and trying her best to precure more?

Are you saying Beto should be told not to call people that may need help?

David, if your family needed water to survive, would you refuse water that was loaded by Sheila Jackson Lee or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

People do not care where the help the need, comes from.

Why would anyone think that it is a bad thing for people to help people.

Just as Mattress Mac is helping people in need, so are Sheila Jackson Lee, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Beto.

If you think it is a bad idea for Sheila Jackson Lee, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Beto to be helping, who do you want to replace them in our time of need?

Gary Miller

Jim> AOC's $5 million is one dime, one nickle and three pennys for each Texan. She gets cheers from the media she couldn't buy for $15 million.

Jim Forsythe

Gary, how many cases of water did that $5 Million buy? At $5 a case of water, that is equal to 1 Million cases of water.

Did Ted Cruz start a fund raising that collected $5 Million?

Would it be better if we did not have the help the $5 Million represents.

Are you Gary against people in need in Texas, that's people like you and I, excepting help from AOC?

Jarvis Buckley

Jealousy really smells.

Guess it’s the worse thing a Senator could do. Take his wife & daughters on a trip. Make sure they would be safe & be back in less than 36 hours. We are doomed.

Gary Miller

Cruz is in federal government not State. What difference is there if he is in Can Cun or DC?

Jim Forsythe

He is paid by you and me to be a leader. and step-up in times like we are going thru now.

If he could not figure out what he could do to make a difference, we have the wrong person in DC.

Jim Forsythe

Jarvis, Ted Cruz decided to leave even though it meant that his Daughters would have to be quarantined for over a week and have to miss school that can not be made up. He knew when they came back, they would have to be quarantined, because before they left, the school told all the parents that would happen, if the kids left the USA.

He stayed in Cancun for less than 24 hours. He has clout that he could have used if he would have been here, and not running off.

How may politicians started helping when they realized that we were in trouble? Many more then the ones I listed.

When Ted Cruz said he would server and protect, he was talking about severing the people of Texas, and not Cancun.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, On May 18, 2018, one of our local county leaders was on a cruise during the Santa Fe shooting. He turned his cabin into a command center, coordinating county efforts, law enforcement agencies. Ted was ready and able to do the same. We are in the 21st Century. You don't have to be physically present as long as you are in communication. But the optics were bad. So he returned - quickly. Looks like our Democrat County residents missed him. Awwwww! That brought a tear to my eye.

Charles Douglas

Don't know why it matters anyway Mr. Buckley, because one of the lies the LEFT is spreading is the world is doomed in nine years anyway, because of Climate Change! The LEFT has it has it all figured out! They did not create the world BUT THEY KNOW WHEN IT WILL END! [wink]

Charles Douglas

My theory is that XI JINPING infiltrated his agents over here in droves, ...people like "FANG-FANG" ...and they have indoctrinated the LEFT! This is why they, ( CHINA ) ...are defended by the LEFT continuously! CHINA is our mother country now! They hold minority SLAVES, who they treat badly, by assaulting them, beating them, and by forcing them into free labor! They make cheap stuff from that free labor, and enjoy great profits from selling their goods to the rest of the world, especially America! The ideologý of the LEFT is very similar to China's.

The LEFT maintains bad minorities schools, encourages high debt ratio, lawless cities, high crime neighborhoods, menial employment opportunities, and supply just enough government subsidies to keep the inhabitants quiet! Lastly, above all else thry labor to keep minority demographic numbers low!

Shawn Kadlecek

I’ll vote for him again out of spite towards Democrats, you know, kinda like Democrats did toward Trump.

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