Voters in November will consider a $158 million bond issue to pay for a new La Marque High School, a new stadium and various improvements to district facilities.

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Roy Hughes

Written by Lynne Springer

Please consider a new high school for La Marque. I believe that the current building has a high concentration of mold/mildew in it partly from Hurricane Harvey. It was one of my main reason for leaving TCISD/La Marque after 1 yr. and 5 months. I kept getting sick. After three trips to the doctor and 3 diagnoses of one step before walking pneumonia I had to listen to my health and my doctor's suggestion to leave my position. My doctor stated that if I stayed the chances of me continuing to get sick were very high. While I did speak to one of my supervisors about the possibility of my area making me sick I was told that more people would be sick. I did not agree with this statement. I was the only person who taught in my classroom all day and I was the only person who sat at my desk during the time I was not teaching. Not one other person shared my space unless they were a student and then, they were in my classroom for 45 minutes one time during the day. That was not enough time for them to have been affected by a mold/mildew issue. Getting sick on a regular basis was not at all how I wanted to spend my school year. There was no way I could give 100% effort into teaching. I needed to look after my own health so, I decided to make the leap into a more healthy life. I choose to leave TCISD/La Marque. Please think of my situation along with the other issues that this building has. Students and teachers need to be in a safe and healthy environment in which to learn and strive for excellence. Please take their needs seriously and vote for the bond. Thank you.

George Faust

That is exactly what proposition A is for. Build new LM high school along with other needed district improvements

Lynn Parks

So (1) Galveston ISD hired a superintendent who wrote a thesis on passing school bonds and who has commented on this fact to the GCDN, (2) A PAC was formed and several thousands were raised from potential contractors & architects to help pay for the bond promotion. Galveston voters passed $315M bond in May 2022. Good luck TCISD.

Jose' Boix

It is very important to have TCISD Registered Voters do their part by going to the polls and voting! There are about 36,000 TCISD Registered Voters. Check you current Voter Registration Card (VRC) and if you have a code SCHOOL 180 to 186, you will be able to vote for the Bond. There will be a Sample Ballot available to see/read later posted by Galveston Votes https://www.galvestonvotes.org/election-information/current-and-upcoming-elections

Jose' Boix

Below a detailed list of all the TCISD Proposed Bond Projects including the split Options for Academic and Athletic Projects:

Estimated Cost ($M) - All Projects

Academic Projects $M

Renovations & Improvements - TCHS Fine Arts $2.26

Safety & Security $1.34

New Improved AG Building $7.03

New Early Childhood Center $37.23

New LMHS $79.92

Renovations to STEM Bldg. $1.30

Improve/Renovate TCHS Career Tech Labs $2.00

Academic Projects Total $131.08

Athletic Projects

New LMHS Stadium $21.78

Improve/Renovate TCHS Stadium $5.70

Athlectic Projects Total $27.48

Academic & Athletic Projects TOTAL $158.56

Jim Forsythe

Instead of spending $21.78 for a New LMHS Stadium and $5.70 for Improve/Renovate TCHS Stadium, why no build one stadium that both schools can use.

Gary Scoggin

I agree Jim. There is no reason to have two high quality stadiums for the District. Many school districts have multiple high schools sharing a stadium. Let’s save $21M here.

As far as Proposition A, for the academic facilities, I am in full support.

Jose' Boix

A couple of points to consider.

One: The Academic Proposition has an $80M new LMHS.

Two: Many of the ISDs with shared stadiums grew within their ISD. Please recall that LMISD was "merged/unified" with it becoming TCISD. So, consider the historical, and political/community-based ramifications.

Finally, these proposals will be decided by the votes of TCISD Registered Voters.

Just my thoughts.

George Croix

Historical and community ramifications to the tune of 21 million bucks, Jose’.

My daughter was in the old Cougar Band in high school and drum major in ‘98 and ‘99 seasons and while we caught the tail end of glory years, it’s not, imho, worth millions for duplicate sports facilities.

But, that’s just me.

The student body may grow but football teams stay about the same size…..

George Croix

A lot of money in the last 15 years or so added to this bond initiative for two towns with a combined population of less than 70000 and not much growth going on. Isn’t that the Dickinson ISD for Lago Mar and all that out by Bucees?

Anyway, two stadiums same PRETTY small ISD? No.

But without it just might kill the deal if enough of the folks still living the glory days of the late 1990’s Cougars drop support.

Jose' Boix

The Texas City ISD School Board unanimously approved allowing TCISD Registered Voters to vote on the following Bond Proposal:


This link will provide all the information needed to make an informed decision. Also check your Voter Registration Card (VCR) and look for a SCHOOL CODE S18. That CODE denotes you are a TCISD Registered Voter. And please VOTE! Thank you!

George Croix

It’s a three digit code after the S isn’t it, Jose?


Jose' Boix

George: Yes, the S18 defines TCISD, the following digit (0 to 6 I believe) defines your specific TCISD Trustee District. For instance, mine is S184 for TCISD District 4. For the Bond or for At-Large Candidates, any Registered Voter with a SCHOOL CODE S180, S181, S182, S183, S184, S185 or S186 can vote. The S180 is a "generic TCISD Code" used some time when there are "address issues" to resolve - since TCISD has NO District 0. Hope this helps.

George Croix


Thanks, Jose…

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