BOSTON (AP) — It was a tempest in a teapot — or, more accurately, a whiskey tumbler.

Presidential transitions are always at least a little tricky. Case in point: Researchers at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum have found a cache of letters from Americans objecting to JFK's embrace of cocktails at White House events.

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Bailey Jones

lol. I have to wonder though, how did the public find out?

Carlos Ponce

" how did the public find out?" They read it in the newspapers.

"the letters of protest began arriving after newspapers reported on Kennedy's first official event: a January 1961 reception honoring the new president's appointees."

The reception occurred January 29, 1961.

The president did more than drink...

"As the Secret Service stood guard outside, the president routinely skinny-dipped with two of his favorite female assistants, nicknamed Fiddle and Faddle. One day, warned that Jackie was on her way to the pool for an unexpected swim, the president and his fellow frolickers scrambled for cover. 'You could see one big pair of footprints and two smaller pair of wet footprints leading to the Oval Office,' a Secret Service man told Hersh."

Priscilla Wear was "Fiddle" and Jill Cowen was "Faddle" - White House secretaries.

“Neither did much work,” says former agent Larry Newman, who was on the Kennedy detail.

So JFK "Fiddled". Then he "Faddled".

Wayne D Holt

Which goes to show you how misplaced some of our fixations are with presidents. While his infidelity was well known, he was also the last president to seriously entertain the notion of "smashing the CIA into a thousand pieces." That inclination very likely cost him his life in Dallas. Yes, I do think rogue government agencies were involved.

I believe our political leaders should first and foremost be judged by the effect their policies have on the average American AND innocent foreigners. Compared to that standard, both Republican and Democrat administrations since JFK have fallen far, far short.

For the last 50 years, it is the American people and their peers overseas who have been treated to a royal fiddling and faddling at the behest of the US government.

Ted Gillis

Yet the Johnson’s drank, the Nixon’s drank, the Ford’s drank (Dear Betty), the Carters, not so much (except for Billy), the Reagans, yes, the Bush’s yes, the Clinton’s yes, the next Bush’s no, not to our knowledge, the Obama’s very little except for a beer summit every now and then, and the Trumps, not at all. So there!

The Mad Men era was prevalent in the 1960’s and on into the 70’s and then it wained. Parties are one thing, but drinking on into the night does take it’s toll on individuals and the ability to function, so I’m glad the trend has been for less alcohol. Although we all know of one Supreme Court Justice who loves his beer!

Now the naked swimming with the secretaries

Is just taking advantage of your privileges, which the Kennedy men had many.

Bailey Jones

I read a history of the secret service some years ago. Carter's mom, Miss Lillian, would deliver six packs to the secret service agents parked outside of the Carter home.

Another fun Kennedy fact (from Vincent Bugliosi's very good book on the assassination) - because of Kennedy's back and other medical conditions, the family kept emergency supplies of medicine stocked in safety deposit boxes in banks in every major US city, in case there was an emergency while he was on the road.

Carlos Ponce

Did Miss Lillian give them "Billy Beer"?

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