Texas politicians are going to need strong salesmanship and solid information to persuade Congress to spend billions of dollars on a storm-surge protection project in Galveston County, U.S. Sen. John Cornyn said.

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Diane Turski

Perhaps Senator Cornyn should remind President Trump of what a loyal soldier he was during the Impeachment trial - voting to prevent relevant witnesses from testifying and documents from being introduced into the Senate trial. Then he further showed blind loyalty by voting to acquit the president on both impeachment articles. Maybe Senator Cornyn can convince President Trump to repay his loyalty by supporting the barrier. Or, will Senator Cornyn discover that the concept of loyalty only flows one way - to Trump rather than from Trump?

Emile Pope

As if he cares...

Patricia C Newsom

Obviously neither poster learn the proper procedures for the House and Senate during the impeachment process. The House is the branch of government to go after an alleged impeached and gathers the evidence necessary to prosecute and the Senate uses the House evidence to decide a guilt or not-guilty verdict. The Senate does not gather evidence!

Emile Pope

As if he cares ABOUT THE COAST...

Bill Cochrane

One thing you can be certain of is that President Trump does not like to be called stupid. Imagine what would happen if Trump actually came to Galveston to check it out. Trump - “Well, here we are at the famous Galveston seawall. Many years ago this 17’ seawall was built to protect he island from hurricanes. And at a height of . . . wait, I can just step off of the seawall and walk to the water? There must be a mistake? A Hugh mistake. I was told the height was 17’. It looks like a little less than 17 inches? And it looks like miles of the seawall are no protection at all. Do you folks really think the seawall is protection when you have not maintained the original height? Seriously?” Mr. President, let’s go farther west and check it out. It won’t take long to get to the end of the seawall because they decided to stop construction less than half way to the end of the island. Trump – “Do you mean to tell me that the famous seawall doesn’t extend all the way to the end of the island? And now they want me to give them billions to build a goofy barrier? Let’s go boys. Total waste of time. Total waste. These idiots must think I’m stupid.”

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