It took Dan Strothers, Galveston parking enforcement supervisor, about 20 minutes Thursday afternoon to find three cars parked in driveways and illegally blocking sidewalks.

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Bailey Jones

According to the editorial of the 6th, "The city’s charter, for example, makes residents responsible for building and maintaining sidewalks." So how can the city also claim that sidewalks belong to the city (“It’s a city sidewalk, and people think they own it")?

Carlos Ponce

"The installation/maintenance of new as well as existing sidewalks, curbs, and gutters along private property but within the City right-of-way are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner."

It's within the city's right-of-way - an easement.

Miceal O'Laochdha

I too noticed the obviously conflict of rationality vs. Mr. Strothers' arrogant comment. My guess is that, since some homeowners are without the burden of group of petty tyrants in a home owners' association, the City wants to provide that kind of nonsensical abuse for them. Mr. Strothers also does not appear to think the City is comprised of people...

Bailey Jones

We don't have a sidewalk or a driveway. So we park in the street and walk in the street. But we don't get tickets.

Mary Gillespie

The same property owners will no doubt be ticketed if they park their cars in the street overnight. The City of Galveston makes money either way.

Wayne Holt

Let's not shoot the messenger. If the city code requires enforcement, Mr. Strother's choices are to follow the law or turn a blind eye to violations. I am on here a lot regarding the unequal application of the law. As bitter a pill as it is to swallow, do we really want to encourage the city to ignore more ordinances than it already does when it suits them?

Can we try to find a way to make the sidewalks passable for pedestrians while recognizing vehicle owners are not doing this maliciously but out of necessity? I hate to use the old saw, but "If we can put a man on the moon..."

Rover Man

As with sidewalk parkers how about trailers parked blocking the bike lanes?

Karen Sawyer

I live on Pine Street and watch kids walking to and from school have to walk in street because of cars blocking sidewalks. It is so dangerous.

Mary Branum

Code enforcement needs to step up their game. For years I have turned in vehicles parked, not blocking a driveway, but parked on the sidewalk! Every one turned in has a driveway and street parking available so why park ON the sidewalk?

Another issue is parking in front yards. Why? Driveways, street parking are available, but some insist planting their vehicles in yards.

I have never lived in a city where so many have so little respect for their property and neighborhood.

Don Schlessinger

"nother issue is parking in front yards. Why? Driveways, street parking are available, but some insist planting their vehicles in yards."

They have a hick gene.

Larry Murphy

Another issue that is do dangerous is when people park their cars right near the corners, blocking the view of oncoming traffic and blocking city gutters...That situation is all over Galveston..

Michael Jozwiak

Only 62 tickets! WOW, this parking infraction happens all over the island.

Jason Hayes

The problem is the way the city is laid out over the past 100 years. When you take a parcel of property that is 120 x 40 It doesn’t give you much room for drive way. In addition when you have sidewalks that sit back 3 to 4 foot that doesn’t help. Then you some of these houses have built another house on the back of the lot. (Back house / rear) we live on a popular island and parking is a premium. I don’t a solution but the problem will get worse before it gets better. One more thing if the city Allows a landowner to build a four Plex and no room for parking, there in lies the problem.

Bailey Jones

In the old days, parking was less of an issue because Galveston had a great mass transit system - the trolleys that used to run all around the city. You didn't need a car - the trolleys could take you to work or to the beach, or to the train station if you wanted to leave the island. The grocery store was on the corner, the drug store and hardware store on another corner. Something to think about.

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