League City Councilman Hank Dugie has made official what he’d been signaling for months: He’ll run for county treasurer in next year’s Republican primary.

If he wins, Dugie will work to ensure he’s the last treasurer in the county’s history, he said.

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(14) comments

Ron Shelby

It's about time!!!

Carlos Ponce

"The White House order is what caused the University of Texas Medical Branch to announce a vaccination mandate for its employees last week. "

Soooooo........ UTMB is reacting to a White House order, not to a medical necessity nor precaution.

Gary Scoggin

UTMB is reacting to a regulation that affects them. Even if they disagree they don’t get to pick and choose which regulations they follow.

Carlos Ponce

They can file suit since the mandate is unlawful.

Gary Scoggin

Anybody can try to sue any body over anything. There are already court cases on this. Let those get sorted out.

Carlos Ponce

UTMB is a state of Texas school. The state of Texas has already joined 26 other states in such a lawsuit.

Sue Emmite

This doesn't seem to be someone prepared to run for office. And BTW I am an Independent, I don't vote party!

Dugie’s announcement and his campaign website don’t say how he would go about abolishing the office. Dugie didn’t return a phone call Wednesday.

Ron Shelby

Hi Sue, There is a Texas Statute that specifically addresses the abolishment of an office. If I remember it correctly, the candidate must run, announcing that he/she is running to close the office, and cannot accept a salary if they win. They then, along with Commissioner's Court, request the abolishment of the office. If both the county-wide elected official, and the Commissioners Court request together, it is typically granted. The only decision left to be made is where to park the administrative functions (which really aren't very many) of the office. In some counties its in the County clerk's office, other's its the County Auditor's office, and other's its the Finance Department under Commissioner's court. Since the accounting and auditing function are both handled by the County Auditor, I'd suggest that go under the County Finance Department as a separation of duties from the Auditor. This works because the Auditor is overseen by the District Judges, not Commissioners Court. Counties doing it under the County Clerk, usually do it that way because they are extremely small entities. That wouldn't apply here. This would really be a good move. If you were to sit in the lobby and observe how much time your County Treasurer actually expends doing the job, you'd realize this was a very expensive and unnecessary office. Years ago, Mr. Walsh mentioned to me that he wanted to see it closed eventually, then he won the office himself and has since accepted a good 1 to 2 million dollars in salary. You decide his motivation.

Ron Shelby

The state legislature decides whether to take action to abolish the office after its requested.

Ron Shelby

Because its a constitutional office, I believe it requires a constitutional amendment.

Ted Gillis

And Gerald Burks before him was constantly fighting with Commissioner’s Court about his official duties. I think he even sued them once over it. It has always been a continuous and odd man out position in county government. It’s probably best that it be eliminated.

Donald Glywasky

If the position is eliminated the County Auditor will become the budget officer. The auditor is elected by no one; the postion is filled by the District Judges. At least wiith the Treasurer the voters have some input.

Ron Shelby

Statute saying it must be Auditor? Some counties it’s been the County Clerk (which is elected). And why must you elect the person that cuts a check and makes sure the checking account balances. This is not a policy making position in any way. It’s a routine back office function.

Ron Shelby

The Nueces County Treasurers office was abolished in 1988 and the duties were transferred to the Nueces County Clerk’s office, another elected official. There is a choice that can be made.

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