U.S. Rep. Randy Weber was among a small group of federal lawmakers who voted against this week’s $2.3 trillion spending package. The bill, which included $1.4 trillion to fund the U.S. government, provided another $900 billion in COVID-19 relief.

The bill passed the House 359-53 on Monday evening and passed 92-6 in the Senate. The spending bill is one of the few examples of bipartisan legislation in Congress in recent years — albeit one that took seven months to negotiate. Weber chose not to take part in it because it was “bloated” with spending that “failed to prioritize American families,” he said.

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Gary Miller

Webber is the kind of elected official we need more of. Pelosi is the kind we have too many of. Pelosi held the Covid relief bill. $190 billion of real covid relief with $710 billion pork, until she could tie it to a bill that had to be passed.

Craig Mason

Weber is a Tool

Wayne D Holt

The unanimous consent ploy by Madam Speaker was clever, to say the least. Since even one No vote would scuttle such a vote, it would allow Democrats to claim they supported $2000 payments to needy Americans while knowing it was never going to pass without at least one voice objection.

Mission Accomplished!

Ted Gillis

But he got re-elected and he will continue to be re-elected because he is a republican. He does not have to do a thing for his constituents. All he has to do is say he is fighting big government, and blame everything that is wrong on the democrats. It works every time.

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