Democracy is in peril from Trump and the broken wing of the Republican Party. Trump's Big Lie started in 2016 when said he’d have to “wait and see’’ before he would accept the results, and then he doubled down in 2020 with “the only way he could lose is if they cheat.”

He’s still using that lie, and we suffer.

Michael A. Smith: 409-683-5206;


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George Croix


Charles Douglas

Mr. G.C. > That one Word is enough! I read the OP-ED twice and I could not believe what I read! ...(SMDH.)

However on second thought, if I supported or voted for a candidate as clueless, senile, and inept as Joe Biden,....I might be tempted to use the same ploy as the WOKE-LEFT is using nowadays! They don't have anything else but Trump, and defending their killing of the unborn to talk about!

George Croix

The best part is these people believe this crap.

It’s ‘progressive’ at its best…kept in the dark and fed bull shi….stuff….

It’s like video and audio don’t exist in the alternate reality…

It says plenty that after 20 months in office all there is to run on is hatred for an ex-President not even on a ballot and the desire to destroy human life on demand….

It’s the gift that takes away every minute of every day from any chance to actually do more than appropriate money to then be mismanaged or shuffled to donors…mass insanity disguised as ‘protectors of democracy’…

Oscar Meyer never made mystery meats so full of crap….

Craig Mason

That's funny because the left says the same thing about the right, believing crap fantasy stolen election lies. What did the letter writer state that wasn't true?

George Croix

"Democracy is in peril..."

The first 4 words set the stage, Craig...not much sense going further...

It's total talking points crap.....whomever says it...


Here's a clue. 'OUR means' not just the Left, and a 12 year old can look at history and see who's closer to a Constitutional Republic, which we're supposed to be, NOT a 'democracy', and who's not...

Scare tactic, for any simple minds and/or base 'base' to be scared of, and vote to 'save democracy'....bunk....

This from the same characters who've claimed 2016 illegitimate for 6 years, and never stopped for a single second trying to delegitimize that election and the 4 years after...

To this day, the clown President says anybody who calls an election illegitimate is a Enemy of the State, except HIS side who does it for years....hel_, all the way back to 2000....

How will tearing down SCOTUS 'save democracy (the Republic)?

How would passing "voters rights' legislation that definitely ultimately creates a single Party rule (either one) in perpetuity 'save democracy' (the Republic)?

How does aiding criminals to go free from punishment 'save democracy (the Republic)?

How does helping Iran get nukes 'save democracy'?

Open borders with effectively unlimited, unvetted entry?

Adding trillions to already hot inflation?

Demanding Dan pay for Bills bills?

Subsidizing able bodied people to still sit on their as_ when jobs go wanting for takers?

Rushing into 'green' when it's not..not...stand alone viable and can NOT possibly support the transition at this this time...just the electric grid alone can't handle it?

Telling people THEY must buy expensive cars they cant afford while the tellers have NONE of that (the idiot elected President was slobbering ina Corvette, yesterday, not a Tesla...)

etc etc etc etc

Right back at ya, what is untrue about any of THIS...I mean, on this planet?

Anyway, long time, no see, hope you, personally, are doing well....

Bailey Jones

Trumpism is like herpes - it's the gift that keeps on giving.

domenico nuckols

John Machol>Everything you said is true. Yes, there are problems at the border. The last administration had four years to bring a bill to committee, they didn’t. That goes for a health bill, well have it in two weeks.

Gary Miller

Bailey > MAGA voter really do want to destroy Biden's Communist Democracy and replace it with an Conservative American Democracy. If you like crime and poverty you should vote for Democrats (AKA Progressives)..

Bailey Jones

Yes, Gary, we all know what the MAGATs want - to destroy the lawfully elected government of the United States. I'm glad that you, at least, can admit that.

Carlos Ponce

Since there is no such group as Bailey has named place his post on the trash heap.

Noel Spencer

The cult and their leader are a threat. If you get your news from the epochtimes, maybe you don't see it that way. The only solution, if the DOJ can't resolve this, will be to vote them out of office in 2022 and 2024.

Laura Addison

Had to read this statement 2x (&SMH): "Gov. Greg Abbott is diverting resources to "defend the southern border" from imaginary invaders."

Meanwhile, it's beautiful to watch Democrats personally experiencing their policies in action, see illegal migrants arriving in Martha's Vineyard & D.C.

The Biden administration has been busing and flying illegal migrants all over the US, just without the media attention. Anyone upset over it, should start the fight there.

Carlos Ponce

Interesting... "imaginary invaders" - Once again we have uninformed letter writers putting nonsense in the paper.

I have spoken with a Galveston County Constable and deputy constable who have been to the border and will tell you what is really going on. Why does the Galveston County Daily News not interview them?

GCDN - your pro Liberal underpants are showing.... AGAIN!

George Laiacona

Right on John. Now if can only get the true republicans to see that their TV celebrity/ bankruptcy king was a bad idea, we might reduce the threat to our democracy. We the real patriotic Americans must vote out of office every Republican running this November. This Republican attack on our democracy must stop.

Laura Addison

Verifying votes is not an 'attack on democracy,' and is nothing new, see the Democrat non-acceptance caucus denounce Trump as a faux president b/c of Russian interference and the 3-years of four different federal probes – by the FBI that proved nothing.

However, the ongoing invasions at our southern borders, aided and abetted by the President of the United States IS an attack on our "democracy" and Republic like no other in history.

Charles Douglas

Ms. Addison> The WOKE...CHOKED ...when you lists your hard hitting points 👉 of facts. They don't want to hear you, but I think you are RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!!!! All they got are attacks on Trump & trying to justify stacking the Supreme Court! That's it! I personally am going to enjoy cleaning this NEST OF TRAITORS OUT OF POWER IN NOVEMBER!!!! [beam][beam]

I want to start with Pelosi! She is #1 on the list! Then I want to send BETO on a long trip to nowhere! Then the AntiChrist himself ...Crybaby Chuck Schumer, and many,...many more!!! They...( The WOKE ) are sick people who are poisoning the minds of Pre-K students about sex.....SEX I say! Sick!!!!

Carlos Ponce

When truth is revealed about what really is going on, you Libtrolls are going to look awfully silly!

Jim Forsythe

1h ago-----Trump threatens DOJ against indictments: 'You'd have problems the likes of which you have ever seen before'

Today, former President Donald Trump appeared to issue a vague threat to the Justice Department against indicting him. Trump said that "I would have no prohibition against running," when he asked whether he would still run for office with an indictment. "I think, if it happened, you'd have problems in this country the likes of which, perhaps, you have ever seen before," said Trump. "I don't think the people of the United States would stand for it."

Bailey Jones

Jim, He and fellow swamp rat, Lindsey Graham, are making known their expectations for an army of Trumpsters to “riot in the street".

I just hope our nation's morbid obesity clinics and eldercare centers are ready for it.

Carlos Ponce

No, Bailey, the riots will be after President Trump is reinstated as the rightful winner of the 2020 election. The rioters will be Liberals.

Bailey Jones

In today's news - "On Tuesday, using his Truth Social platform, the Republican former president reposted an image of himself wearing a Q lapel pin overlaid with the words “The Storm is Coming.”

"In QAnon lore, the “storm” refers to Trump’s final victory, when supposedly he will regain power and his opponents will be tried, and potentially executed, on live television."

The image in question is here -

Carlos Ponce

He has a pin set with the letters "L" ,"G", B" and "T" on them too. That day happened to be his day to honor the "Q". Doesn't Bailey also support the "LGBTQ" people?

Bailey Jones

That's very close to a decent joke, Carlos. Good for you.

Jim Forsythe

Nearly 75 accounts Trump has reposted on his Truth Social profile in the past month, more than a third of them have promoted QAnon by sharing the movement’s slogans, videos or imagery. About 1 in 10 include QAnon language or links in their profile bios.

Earlier this month, Trump chose a QAnon song to close out a rally in Pennsylvania. The same song appears in one of his recent campaign videos and is titled “WWG1WGA,” an acronym used as a rallying cry for Q adherents that stands for “Where we go one, we go all.”

Online, Q adherents basked in Trump’s attention.

“Yup, haters!” wrote one commenter on an anonymous QAnon message board. “Trump re-truthed Q memes. And he’ll do it again, more and more of them, over and OVER, until *everyone* finally gets it. Make fun of us all you want, whatever! Soon Q will be everywhere!”

“Trump Sending a Clear Message Patriots,” a QAnon-linked account on Truth Social wrote. “He Re-Truthed This for a Reason.”

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, if Trump was wearing a LGBTQ pin, he has changed his beliefs. These are some of what Trump did to oppose LGBTQ.

Trump’s refusal to support the Equality Act, which would ensure that existing civil rights protections cover sexual orientation and gender identity in the way that they already do for race, disability, veteran status, and more.

The Trump administration poured considerable resources into blocking basic job protections for LGBTQ people, insisting that employers should be free to fire workers for even suspecting that they might be LGBTQ.

The Trump administration also pushed a policy change that would allow federal contractors to discriminate against LGBTQ employees.

Queer students have had difficulty accessing education under Donald Trump, due to a rollback of protections and a failure to investigate cases of violence in schools. Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, immediately upon taking office she began dismantling regulations that protected transgender students

The Trump administration made it more difficult for LGBTQ to find and remain in stable housing. Under Trump and Ben Carson, the Department of Housing and Urban Development proposed new rules that would allow homeless shelters to turn away transgender people.

One of Trump’s most high-profile announcements in the first year of his administration was his plan to block transgender people from serving openly in the military.

Carlos, are you saying Trump is pro- LGBTQ. If not, why is he wearing a LGBTQ pin?

Have you also joined Trump in supporting the LGBTQ movement?

Carlos Ponce

Jim, Republicans don't care what you are. They don't have a checklist to see how many boxes are marked like Liberals do. President Trump appointed some you would call LGBTQ, Richard Grenell, US ambassador comes to mind.

As for me, I had several who identify as such. It didn't change how I taught them. It didn't matter.

Jim Forsythe

Richard Grenell claims to support Gay and LGBTQ Rights, but does he?

Though Richard Grenell says he supports gay and LGBTQ rights, there have been many controversies regarding this statement. For instance, Richard has openly criticized Equality Rights saying it would grant "special rights" to the LGBTQ community. He has also claimed that Equality Rights is an attack on religion. Are you talking about Richard Grenell who said this during the 2016 Republican primaries, Grenell warned his Twitter followers about Donald Trump, described Trump as "unserious" and "dangerous". “Trump is dangerous. Wake up. He’s reckless,” or that he openly criticized Equality Rights saying it would grant "special rights" to the LGBTQ community. He has also claimed that Equality Rights is an attack on religion. Richard may be gay, but it does not make him a supporter of the LGBTQ community. Mitt Romney’s openly gay national security spokesman has resigned from his post after being on the job less than a month. He got into hot water over his sexist and offensive tweets days after he was appointed Romney's spokesperson. Grenell, who formerly worked as a spokesman for George W.Bush, deleted more than 800 of his past tweets including scathing remarks which mocked Michelle Obama, Callista Gingrich, Hillary Clinton and female news reporters.

Carlos Ponce

There goes Jim AGAIN! You think every member of the LGBTQ community thinks the same. How patronizing!

Jim Forsythe

We, the USA is not addressing the problem, but are using Band-Aids on the problem. No President has solved the problem and the next Presidents that we have will also not solve it, unless all agree. The Senate, House President must agree on one policy, or the problem will just continue to grow. Each President brings changes in the way we address the problem, but nothing gets fixed. If you disagree, then why do we still have the problem?

One part of the issue that no one talks about is "Since more than one half of all US undocumented residents arrive by air, visa-issuing posts have become the real frontline deterrent to undocumented migration," This was posted in 2019.

There's nothing beautiful about our illegal migrant policy.

Carlos Ponce

There is a policy in place, Jim. Passed by Congress, signed by previous presidents. Doppelganger Joe refuses to enforce it and discourages enforcement.

John Machol

Every charge I've made is true, but I could have made more, but for the 200-word limit. Just wait and see. Carlos scores the 1st of the negative comment and the last of 16 comments, and all before noon! You're fast - but inaccurate! Name-calling doesn't help your case. John

Carlos Ponce

John, your letter is so full of inaccuracies. Check the size of your nose.

Jim Forsythe

By pointing fingers and saying the other party is wrong and not realizing that all in government, have failed in controlling illegal Immagration, is hiding from the fact that our Immagration policy is a failure. We do not have a policy in place that works. No matter what President is in power, one policy is a must. If we had one policy in place that worked, we would not change how we respond, each time we get a new President. It will never work with a Democrat and then a different Republican policy. we. have to have one policy

Name the last President that was in office in the last 60 years, that when he left office, we had less illegal immigrates, then we he came into office. You cannot, because for many years, the numbers have increased by a lot.

Of course, you may say Regan, but do you want to decrease the numbers as he did?

"It was in Ronald Reagan's bones -- it was part of his understanding of America -- that the country was fundamentally open to those who wanted to join us here." Reagan said as much himself in a televised debate with Democratic presidential nominee Walter Mondale in 1984. "I believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and lived here, even though some time back they may have entered illegally," he said. Since Regan, the problem has not gotten better, but it has increased to a level that needs to be addressed by all, now.

Maybe it is not a policy problem, but it's a people making money off of the problem, problem.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, why do you REFUSE to take the opinion of the agents who work the border?

Jim Forsythe

What does the agents say, that going to change the way we address our problem, that's different than what we already tried? We have tried many different ways, and none have resulted in fixing the problem.

Until all sit down and say this the way was going to do Immagration going forward, we will always have a continuing growing problem. If we keep changing how we address this problem every time a different party is in power, we will never fix the problem.

Carlos, you keep saying Trump did a good job, but he was a failure, as all the other Presidents, in far as reducing the numbers. You can find different numbers, but Trump did not reduce numbers.

There were 10.8 million people in 2016 living in the U.S. illegally. In 2018----11.39 million people. 14.3 million in 2019. 2020----14.5 million.

Carlos Ponce

"What does the agents say, that going to change the way we address our problem, that's different than what we already tried?" Read carefully, Jim:



President Trump did this and was successful. [beam] If you disagree, you are mistaken. Just ask the border agents. But Jim REFUSES!

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, when Trump became President, there were about 10.8 million living in the U.S. illegally. When Trump left office there were 14.5 million living in the U.S. illegally. This is a failure anyway you measure how effective Trump was. The same can be said for other Presidents.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, NO ONE knows how many illegals are in this country. You can PRETEND to know the number but you're just repeating an unverified number.

George Croix

And, please, if a President can try to bypass the entire Congress and transfer debt to others and rack up a half trillion to a trillion in further taxpayer obligations just with his pen stroke, a little thingy even the uber liberal Speaker said he could not do (yet, is silent now on) he can dam_ sure build walls and string razor wire, as he DOES have responsibility for national security....when cognizant, and the Easter Bunny is not nearby....

Jim Forsythe

And the polices have changed what? Did not change the problem Durning the Trump years. We still have a large problem that has not just happened but is getting worse each year Unless we address this and all agree, we will always have this problem.

George Croix

No, Jim.

You will not.

If the Trump era policies were reinstituted we’d be back at about THAT level, not being overrun by multiple times increase…

Jim Forsythe

George, if you go by the numbers during the Trump term, extend them to today, today we would have had about 1,5 million more living in the U.S. illegally. Of course, no one can say for sure how many would be in the USA, if Trump have been reelected.

Numbers I'm going by. 2017---10.8 million living in the U.S. illegally. When Trump left office there were 14.5 million

If you have other numbers that you are using, your result could be larger or smaller.

That many more people coming to the USA,1,5 million is not a success.

Carlos Ponce

"Of course, no one can say for sure" So why do you try?

Jim Forsythe

No one knows down to the exact number, but what I posted is very close to correct.

Carlos Ponce

"but what I posted is very close to correct."[rolleyes]

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, if you have a more correct number, please post.

Carlos Ponce

Jim must have a reading problem. Let me re-post what I presented earlier:

Jim, NO ONE knows how many illegals are in this country.

George Croix

We have locks and doors to prevent, when used, illegal entry into our homes, despite anyone just desiring to come in because they want to...

Exclusion devices, when used, exclude...

The immigration laws right NOW are essentially the same as they were 10 years ago, and longer, yet the influx is up by multiple, well, multiples, over just a few years ago, so the reason we are being inundated with illegal entries is not anything other than the current unwillingness to do squat to even restrict or slow it and in fact openly AIDS it, often to the detriment of our own citizens that the politicos are supposed to be looking out for.

It's a dodge to keep referring to 'broken immigration laws' and systemic problems in other countries (THEY caused them, not US taxpayers...) not abject poverty, when the human traffickers get 7 grand plus for EACH one thanks to the demand being up due to the open invite from the Big Guy, the human trafficker in chief....and the 'climate change' connection is the climate of open border permissiveness right now...

It's like saying the laws against burglary need fixing as they do not keep burglars from burglarizing, so, c'mon in......

Charles Douglas

Mr. G.C. > AAAAAAAHAHAHA HAHAHHHAH! [lol][lol][lol][thumbup][thumbup][lol][lol]

Gary Miller

The only thing MAGA voters endanger is the Progressive crime syndicate and Biden's communist democracy. With enough MAGA voters we could put thousands of progressive Democrats in jail replace Slow Joe's communist Democracy with a Conservative Democracy and restore government by the people, for the people and of the people. Instead of by,for and of the beaurocracy.

Maris Helfrich

Congrats! You summed it up well with the key points about the destructive, divisive, demeaning tactics and words of Trump & his supporters!

( I could add a string of negative adjectives to those above, but we all are aware of the antipathy, and inhumanity of it all!

Yes, it would be great to see the "positive" in our politics: respect, unifier, objectivity, dialogue, love of neighbor....even "enemy", compassion, etc. etc. Whatever happened to these ?

Our children are NOT getting good examples from us for their relationships with friends and/or competitors. A real SHAME!

Ted Gillis

When the truth is revealed by who Carlos?

The Durham report?

domenico nuckols

The previous Administration: Immigration FAILED, Health Care FAILED, Drug prices FAILED (they went UP). That’s just a few.

Charles Douglas

The WOKE LEFTISTS KKK PARTY has a Senate Canidate in Pennsylvania who chased an AFRICAN-AMERICAN jogger down with a shotgun and held him in custody for nothing! It seemed the fool heard gunshot sounds, or what sounded like gunfire, and the first person he saw was a male AFRICAN-AMERICAN jogger! So being a good WOKE, he chased the jogger down and threw down on him with a SHOTGUN...and told the guy, " We are going to wait here for the police." ...FOR NOTHING MAN!!!! They covered it up and now he is running for Senator! Strangely he is the same guy who now want 1/3 of all incarcerated individuals to be released from prison! How about these people? [smile]

Charles Douglas

Another thing ..I hope my Govenor will send ten thousand Nigerians Illegals to Martha Vineyard to integrate the place! What's good for El Paso, Brownsville, and Tucson is good for Chicago, DC, & New York! I love it!!!! ❤️ Obama has 25 to 30 rooms in his big 50 million dollar Martha Vineyard teepee! He can help out! I demand that he does! Same thing with Eric in New York and the " BIG UNIT" in Chicago! If you are going to TALK THE.TALK,....then [censored][censored] it ...WALK THE WALK!!!!! [beam][beam]

Carlos Ponce

Your plan has the Liberal elites clutching their pearls! Liberals always cite the poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty with an addition:

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses ... but don't settle in my back yard."

George Croix

Did you see the Mawthuhs resident telling the reporter how stressed he was because nobody told them the migrants were coming, and the woman who said there was not housing in their sanctuary island for 50 people…?

Funny stuff…these characters like to posture and virtue signal until it’s time to actually walk that talk…

The population of the Martha’s Vineyard is just over 1/10 of the population of McAllen, Texas. As the former had declared itself a ‘sanctuary’ ( until today…) and McAllen has not, seems like the Vineyard should at least take 1/10 of McAllen’s load…

As of 10 months ago, Nov. 2021, we had this:

“The Department of Homeland Security is releasing fewer than 300 migrants per day currently, far lower than in July when upwards of 2,000 migrants — mostly families — were being released daily in the South Texas town of McAllen”.

Ten months ago, long before the asylum limit was dropped….

But, just lowest balling that, about 30 to 200 a day seems like a good number for the island to share in their ‘sanctuary’….

Let Obama put his birthday tent back up….

Ted Gillis

No one was clutching pearls Carlos, but Perla did lie to them.

Carlos Ponce

I heard Ted was clutching his beads at Mardi Gras.[wink]

Charles Douglas

The WOKE is constantly talking about destroying America, & talking about destroying Democracy! Yeah and it has just come to light that Joe China and his Administration has been secretly using BIG MEDIA LIKE FACE BOOK to get information on anyone talking against his colvid policies, and his FBI,... then would launch and Investigation on the ones posting the information! I love those Whistle Blowers! Hey I thought the WOKE loved them too, maybe their love was only for when Whistle Blowers inform on conservatives?

With all of what these LEFTISTS have done to this nation & its people...I would be ashamed to even identify as a WOKE LEFTIST, or to call someone else a traitor, unfortunately some don't let SHAME get in the way of vile hatred or personal gain!

I never in my wildest imagination thought I would live to see so many lying FAKE individuals claiming to love America & Americans,.....tear-down, burn-down, and sell their country out like we are watching in REAL TIME, RIGHT NOW! It is mind-boggling! Where did love of country go? Why would any commander allow his military people almost ready to retire, be kicked out of the arm forces because they objected to taking a Covid Shot? Why would any leader agree with Radicals in his party to dismantle, and defund America's police departments? Why would a leader harp on SLAVERY, JIM CROW, & SEGREGATION which happened hundreds of years ago, after having promised to unify the nation? This guy can't read a teleprompter,...& He has to have help leaving a microphone on a platform! He is the only man I have seen fall up 60 degree slanted stairs instead of falling down them! Neat trick if you can do it!!!! The WOKE makes up for this inept, dysfunctional loser by trying to engineer one worst than him in as a Senator in Pennsylvania. Why us Lord, 😪 😢 ..WHY US?

Ed Buckner

Well said, John Machol. The Trumpettes on this forum will rant (they're the ones with Trump Derangement Syndrome, not folks like me and Bailey Jones). And as antidote to the absurd claims along the lines of Biden is the worst prez, ever, etc., read this tweet from Terry Moran (no, I don't really know who that is)--

Ted Gillis

You heard wrong Carlos. I’ll bet I haven’t been to Mardi Gras in over 20 years.

Now Perla, she’s a piece of work though, coercing those people into a plane and telling them that they were going to Boston where they could find work. And having an enbedded Fox News cameramen on board was a nice touch. I’m sure he was quite helpful.

Carlos Ponce

So Ted wasn't clutching his Mardi Gras beads?

Thomas Carpenter

"When truth is revealed about what really is going on, you Libtrolls are going to look awfully silly!" Will the truth be revealed before or after you pay Bailey the $1,000 you owe him?

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