The Daily News is proud to announce a new addition coming soon to our Galveston location – a Kemp’s ridley sea turtle statue, part of the citywide public art project Turtles About Town. Tell us what you think our turtle’s name should be by Nov. 9.

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Bailey Jones

Having grown up around Dallas, and the Dallas Morning News, I suggest naming the turtle Belo. Alfred Horatio Belo joined the Galveston Daily News in 1866, and owned it by 1881. He founded A. H. Belo & Co and created a media empire, including the Dallas Morning News.

Belo wrote, "“A great newspaper must be serenely indifferent to personal likes and dislikes, personal opinions and prejudices inside or outside of its organization, which would interfere with its functions as a faithful collector and disseminator of news; as a voice, an intelligence and a reasoning conscience, to interpret for the reading public the ripest thought and best judgment of the time touching all questions of public concern."

KevinMCox Staff
Kevin M. Cox

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Bailey. Make sure you have completed the form above for official consideration if you haven't already.

Bailey Jones

I did!

Charlotte O'rourke

Is our soon to be delivered news turtle a girl or boy? Lol

Jeff Patterson

I like Baileys idea but I believe the honor and recognition goes to Wilbur Cherry.

The Galveston News claims April 1842 as its founding date and Samuel Bangs, an early Texas printer, as its founder, but the facts are in dispute. What is known is that on April 11, 1842, Bangs's brother-in-law, editor George H. French, began printing the Daily News on equipment that was probably owned by Bangs. But the Daily News, as operated by French, had expired by June 1842. In June 1843 Wilbur H. Cherry and Michael Cronican leased the equipment French had used in publication of the Daily News from Bangs and began publication of a semiweekly, also named the News. Willard Richardson assumed editorship of the newspaper the next year and in 1845 became its sole owner. Under his guidance the News became a major voice in the Republic of Texas and later a critic of the policies of Sam Houston as both United States senator and governor. In 1858 Richardson had a four-story building constructed for the paper. During the Civil War the News published its editions in Houston. It returned to Galveston Island in 1866....

So my vote is for “ Wilbur the Turtle”

Charlotte O'rourke

I like the names suggested. I would name the turtle “Day” a nickname for Dálach in Irish or Daily in English. It comes from the family surname Ó Dálaigh for bards or storytellers and for attending assemblies.

The Daily News has told the stories of the day for over a hundred years. So let’s go look for “Day” to see and hear the stories or “Wilbur” or “Belo” or ? and see how cute he or she, our new Galveston turtle, turns out.

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