Unless you are vegan, odds are that your holiday meal was vaccinated. Whether you had prime rib, a Christmas ham or a turkey with all its fixings, vaccination was involved. Even the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie came from a vaccinated dairy cow. While most of us appreciate the role vaccines play in keeping us and our pets healthy, few recognize the major role vaccines play in our food supply.

Our grocery stores are full of products containing ingredients from vaccinated animals. The number and type of vaccines animals receive vary greatly depending on the type of animal, the food produced (meat, eggs or milk) and the diseases in the area where the animals are raised. Poultry, including turkeys, typically receive anywhere from three to eight vaccines. Broiler chickens and laying hens may receive different vaccines. Cattle are vaccinated against upwards of eight diseases, while swine are predictably vaccinated against three. Vaccination schedules tend to be complex. Like humans, food animals may require multi-dose series and regular boosters.

Vaccine Smarts is written by Sealy Institute for Vaccine Sciences faculty members Drs. Megan Berman, an associate professor of internal medicine, and Richard Rupp, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Texas Medical Branch. For questions about vaccines, email vaccine.smarts@utmb.edu.


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Chris DeVries

Of course, vaccines are important to our daily lives and have saved many people through the centuries. I do not believe that any reasonable person denies this.

I'm not sure which people or vaccines you're referring to with your statement about denial, but if you mean the COVID vaccine - I think reasonable people can conclude that the MRNA shots that the government pushed in response to the pandemic, which were not developed through the usual and customary methods, testing, and timing of other proven vaccines were dubious. We are now seeing proof of this, as we now learn that they were not, in fact, effective and in some cases actually made people worse off long-term (especially relative to natural immunity).

If this is not the denial to which you refer, then please disregard my comment. If it was - I hope that medical experts like yourselves can understand how reasonable, thinking citizens rightfully questioned the shots, and now have less faith in the words of the authorities.

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