We’re bombarded with how we should be dealing, feeling and operating during these uncertain times. When in reality, no one knows what they’re doing.

It may seem like everyone has it all together. You see people producing content, starting/expanding businesses and just being “Superb Quarantiners.”

As we’re forced to sit with our thoughts and maybe even with people that aren’t the best for our mental health, these affirmations can help get us through:

1. I’m grieving my old routine, and that’s OK.

2. I can use this time to better myself, which may include frequent naps and rest.

3. This is traumatic, and I can make it through this.

4. If I get overwhelmed, I can remember, “Take it one day at a time.”

5. Many things are currently out of control, and I can still control how I respond.

6. I love my family, and I need a little break.

7. Needing help isn’t a sign of weakness.

8. Nobody knows what they’re doing; I’m not alone.

9. My productivity level doesn’t define me during this time.

10. Many people are healing from this virus. If I contract it, it’s likely I will be OK.

11. Even though I don’t know when this will end, I can be hopeful it won’t last forever.

12. It makes sense it’s harder to stay on track with my healthy habits during this time.

13. I matter just as much as the others in my family.

14. I’m allowed to be however I need to be in this moment.

15. I’m not selfish for protecting my mental and physical space.

16. I don’t have to be “available” for others even if I “don’t have anything better to do.”

17. I’m able to be grateful and joyful.

18. I don’t have to continue my normal routine virtually.

19. I love my children, and they’re getting on my nerves.

20. My mental health doesn’t have to decline during this time.

21. I’m still able to remember what my therapist taught me.

22. If my mental health is affected, that doesn’t mean all my hard work is lost.

23. It’s understandable if my energy level is low, even if I’m getting more “rest.”

24. It’s OK to put my mental health before other’s needs.

25. I don’t have to like working from home to be thankful to have a job.

26. My ability to handle what’s going on doesn’t define me.

27. I can make it another minute ... And another and another ...

28. I can not like what’s happening and still be grateful for what I have.

29. I’m doing the best I can.

30. I can have a relationship with a higher power and still be fearful.

31. I’m going to be OK, even if I don’t feel like it.

If you need support, contact us here at the Family Service Center of Galveston County at www.fscgal.org.

JonTayé Bonds is a victim support services therapist for the Family Service Center of Galveston County.

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