Last week, I attended an amazing community event called Galveston Welcoming Day. Held at the Galveston Islamic Center, the theme was “Hate Has No Home Here.”

The huge crowd was a cross-section of our community with attendees and clergy from all faiths and all walks of life.

The message as presented by our esteemed Mayor Yarbrough was clear. Galveston has throughout our history been a place that is built upon the diversity of tribes, nations and beliefs. We are a place that welcomes all to our shore.

This cannot and will not change.

The final scriptural reading from the Koran and the Torah at the Galveston Welcoming Day reminded us that we all are brothers and sisters.

Even if you are not a believer in these Abrahamic traditions, perhaps preferring evolutionary science, the same facts emerge. On every level, despite our apparent tribal, racial, religious and political differences, we are all part of a greater whole, the One Mind.

This unity of community event reminded me of the writings of my friend, colleague, and internationally respected consciousness expert, Dr. Larry Dossey. In his latest book “One Mind: How our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters” as well as a recent article in the journal Explore entitled Our Identity Crisis and a Solution: The One Mind, Dr. Dossey raises some provocative and paradigm busting questions.

What if our view of each other as separate beings and bodies is really conditioned group hypnosis? What if, underlying the apparent physical, social, cultural, political differences among us, there is a unifying field of energy that connects us on the deepest levels? What if the apparent tempests of our world are just little waves overlying an unfathomably deep sea where we all are conjoined? What if our physical differences are merely a gauzy separation from our true reality and a universal consciousness connection?

Deep thinkers have pointed to such concepts over millennia. Among these are Emerson’s Oversoul, de Chardin’s Noosphere, the illumination and enlightenment of mystics and sages, William James’ collective, unitary mind, Carl Jung’s collective unconscious. In Dossey’s research, they have now been adequately demonstrated by scientific experiment showing the existence of an interlinking quantum energy field connecting us for which there is no other explanation. Studies in remote viewing, mental influences on random number generators, experiences in precognition, extrasensory perception, telepathy and even the impact of consciousness on the behavior of microbes and animals provide evidence of the One Mind construct.

Likely, all of us have had some experience in precognition or coincidence that seem out of the ordinary. Likely, we shrugged these off as some strange and inexplicable one-off events.

What if, however, these were luminous peeks into a splendid world of unified consciousness where we are beings connected inextricably behind the curtain of our individual, physical brains’ perception of reality?

If we can reconnect to this unified field and unconscious wisdom by quieting our rational mind, by seeing others as one with us rather than separate and different, many of our world’s ills, violence, and chaos can be healed. Community and unity will be our salvation.

Dr. Victor S. Sierpina is the WD and Laura Nell Nicholson Family Professor of Integrative Medicine and Professor of Family Medicine at UTMB.

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