LA MARQUE  - The father of the 15-year-old girl charged in the classroom attack of a La Marque High School teacher, said the video showing the beating doesn’t tell the whole story.

“There’s no excuse for what she did,” Myron Lenor said Wednesday. “(But) the teacher had been provoking her all week.”

Lenor called to request The Daily News remove a video of the attack from the newspaper’s website because it shows his daughter. The newspaper, which confirmed the authenticity of the video with school district officials and the father, decided the video would not be removed because it is relevant to the story.

He said he would hire an attorney and seek legal action against The Daily News.

Lenor insisted that the video recorded by one of his daughter’s classmates Tuesday starts only after the teacher, whose name has not been released by authorities, had taken his daughter’s backpack without reason.

“My daughter said (the teacher) took her bag and didn’t tell her why,” Lenor said. “My daughter asked for it back and that teacher ignored her.”

Lenor’s daughter faces a third-degree felony charge of assault. Police initially said the teen faced a first-degree assault charge.

The student will also be punished according to the school district’s code of conduct, district officials said.

Lenor said his daughter was home after she was released to his custody after she was charged.

“That teacher, she just started at the school this (month) and all week was taunting (the teen),” Lenor said. “She kept talking about how she worked in Houston and knew how to handle tough kids who like to fight. That’s just unprofessional.”

He said his daughter was “real sorry she did it,” he said. “She told me she was already angry about some things when (the teacher) took her bag. She said she just blacked out.”

Lenor blamed district officials for allowing the conditions to exist that he claims make La Marque High School “dangerous.”

He said that his daughter told him she had reported problems with the teacher to the high school principal, but that no action was taken. 

Superintendent Terri Watkins could not be reached Wednesday afternoon to respond to Lenor’s comments.

In the video of the attack, a girl is seen grabbing the teacher by the back of her shirt and throwing her down across a set of desks. The teacher gets up, opens the classroom door and tells students they are dismissed.

The teacher then walked behind her desk came face-to-face with the student, who knocked her down a second time and threw punches before another student stepped in to stop the attack.

“This is unacceptable,” Watkins said on Tuesday. “This is not tolerated.” 

The attack on the teacher wasn’t the only incident at La Marque High School on Tuesday. 

La Marque Police Sgt. Shawn Spruill said La Marque police were at the high school, 300 Vauthier St., at about 9 a.m. to investigate an incident in which a 16-year-old girl was accused of shoving a security officer when the classroom attack altercation occurred.

The 16-year-old faces an assault of a public servant charge as well, police said.

Reporters Christopher Smith Gonzalez and Shannon Daughtry contributed to this report. 

Contact Mainland Editor T.J. Aulds at 409-683-5334 or


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(54) comments

John Suayan

Well, Dad, you should have taught your little princess how to respect authority, as well as how wrong it is to assault someone. It's a shame today's youth think the world revolves them and we all owe them something. I hope the teacher does get justice.

Roy Hughes

The father is more worried about what the teacher did wrong than the fact that is daughter punched the teacher, grabbed the teacher by either her neck or back of her both of which the tape shows. He wants the tape from the LMISD or LMPD police? Why does he go to youtube and copy that one ( if it is still there). Teachers do not just grab bag backs. Girls must have had something in back pack.

Father obviously has not taught daughter who authority figures are. IMO daughter walks like she is out to cause harm. Take her to Juvie.

Gehrig Boone

...and you wonder why people don't want to go to LMISD schools.

Steve Lamb

The backpack was taken without reason? How about this for a reason? She is the teacher. I was taught that the teacher was to be respected. I am sick and tired of parents who will blame anyone but their kids when the kids get into trouble. Kudos to GCDN for not giving in to the demand to remove the video.

Harley Rider

I guess x will be there today[beam]

alyssa lozano

I just keep getting more disgusted with this story. Really over a damn backpack? If I was the parent I would have told the authorities to keep my child for a few more days, maybe weeks!

Leonard T. Payne

She's far from being a "Little Princess", she's a brat.
She probably had something illegal in that backpack, drugs/knife/gun/etc.

Check with other students, they will probably refer to her as a bully.

Take away those cell phones during classroom hours, I'm sure they are a big distraction/temptation for the students who are there for an education.
(if there is any to be had at LMISD)

Carlos Ponce

The 2013-14 rules for LMHS students call for a clear or mesh backback. The video is not that evident but the backback does not appear clear nor mesh.
Questions: Is the backpack clear or mesh?
Have the rules changed since 2013-14?
If the backpack does not comply with school rules then it should be removed from the premises or kept in the office until a parent can pick it up but definitely NOT be in a classroom.

Dwight Strain

Classic dumb parent stuff. It's the teachers fault. Sue the newspaper. Blame the teacher. Blame the school.

Walter Manuel

Remove cell phones from the classroom?? You jest!

I've been told on numerous aoocasions by parents that students are encouraged to bring their cell phones to class and can even use them while in class just so long as they show up for class.

I've also been told that several students have reported that teachers are telling the students what to study for and what the answer to the test questions will be before it's being given in order that they can pass their test.

LMISD has obviously hit rock bottom and this ENTIRE school board needs to immediately resign and force TEA to come in and take over if they "love" LMISD and the students like they claim that they do?

To hear everyone laugh and talk about how school board member Terry Pettijohn walks around town boasting about just how good LMISD is now doing has become just as nauseating to hear as this video is sickening to the stomach to see when the proof suggests otherwise.

You know you STILL have major problems when your still hiring "new" teachers in January. [yawn]

Walter Manuel

Ooops! That should be "occasions" not "aoocasions" [wink]

PD Hyatt

How sad this is. This is just another example of parents who have not taught their children to respect authority at all. If I had done that in HS, the least I would have worried about is the school or the police for my parents would have done far more damage to me than either of the above. When you see all of the youth today not respecting ANY authority at school, the police and most do not respect their own parents. How sad and pathetic our nation has become.
Of course if we are honest most of this has been a result of the liberal Justices that have removed God from our school, our Government and to many of our churches have removed Him from the Church!

PD Hyatt

When is the new march to be led by QTip demanding justice for this little princess? What a shame our nation and society has fallen so far, and has no respect for any authority and instead of taking blame for our childrens actions some have to blame everything else but their out of control child. I will be the first to admit that children do some insane and crazy stuff, but when that happens we as parents need to stop trying to blame everyone and everything else and lay the blame where it belongs. These so teenagers need to be sent to Juvie long enough to where they learn some respect, else they had better get used to being behind bars now, as that is where they are going to be spending much of their life!

PD Hyatt

I wonder what the student count at LMISD is now and what is it going to be when the dust settles over 2 of their teens attacking a teacher and a Public Safety officer! How much lower can LMISD go....

Mike Meador

Living in La Marque/West Texas communities you'd never send your children to LMISD.....the only reason children go to this district is because they have to...parents can't afford to get them out.... that and the surrounding district schools don't have the seats for them.

Tamala Robinson

How do any of you know that the parents have not taught their kids? What do you know about the parents and their home life? How do you know the parents can't afford to get their kids out of La Marque? NONE OF YOU KNOW ANYTHING!! You are always opening your big mouths and assuming that you know! I guess the parents of the kids that murdered other students, brought guns in at so called great predominetly white schools didn't raise them properly either!! What the students did was wrong and no excuse for it, but sweep around your on front porches because I'm sure you have a lot of dust to clean up. I don't see none of you commenting on Money Mike and the lil other then black females that were prostituting. Where are you comments on that?

Kim Etheridge

Tamala, it's time for your medication dear.

PD Hyatt

Tamala if your daday comes out and defends his princess after she beat a teacher down that gives me a fairly good idea what has been going on in that home! Some of us have actually raised 1 or 2 sets of children in our lifetime while staying together!

Tamala Robinson

CougarGator, Paul Hyatt, Missionarydemonman, Gecroix and so many more that always have negative comments when it comes to La Marque High and African American people where are your comments on the Money Mike story. I can't say it was bad parenting of the lil prostitutes, I can say those teenagers made choices. Hhhmm they are not black either.Where are your negative comments regarding the white man from Galveston that killed a lady in Austin. Had he been black all of you would have called him a thug or something else as you often have non-whites. Do us all a favor and shup up all of you racist hypocrites!

Mike Meador

Well tammala1023, not only did I live in La Marque, but I spent 19 years teaching at La Marque High School. I started when La Marque integrated within the two years the new La Marque High School to me being a racist, you don't know anything about me. I'd be glad to let you know my best friends in teaching at La Marque High were people like Ralph Allen, Leon Carr, Thomasine Allen, Sarah Giles, Travis Smith, Robbie Johnson, Sandra Crittendon, Phyllis Comier, Dorothy Washington, Gladis Cadd, Bill Sinches, Doris Jenkins.........some of who are not with us today......can I go on? And I know a lot more about what is going on in La Marque than you would even know. I might be negative about La Marque and the high school, but what it is today ISN'T what it was before......

PD Hyatt

Tamala, being a thug does not mean you are a particular race, even though people like you Sharpton, Jackson, QTip and others of your ilk try to reduce things down to race on every subject every time. I have found out in life that the ones who declare racism the first are usually the ones who are the racist people. As for comparing LMISD of today to the one that I knew back in the early 70's is like trying to compare an apple to an orange.... It just won't fly.... LMISD back in those days was a school that was highly thought of and colleges loved the students from that district. Today LMISD because of incidents like this one and MANY others LMISD is laughed at state wide and IMHO can not be allowed to stay open at tax payer expense much longer. I just pity the school systems in this county that will have to take on what is left of the LMISD students as they have NO parental support and have NOT been taught manners! If what I said is racist then so be it and you can call Qtip down here to scream (after you pay him that is)

PD Hyatt

Tmala what a shame you are so steped in hatred towards anything that makes sense. What type of fools are we rasing that reject all authority that comes from everywhere? If this is what we are teaching our children it will not be long before those same children that are being raised that way will turn on the monsters that are raising them that way. The so called "Princess" that Daday was defending was only doing what she learned from home and that was to defy authority and I would be willing to bet that she is the same at the house as she was the day of the icident and to say otherwise is just you fooling yourself.
If you knew half about what is going on in LMISD as you think you do you would have to admit that LMISD is NOTHING compared to what it was 40 years ago. Then LaMarques and the ISD was something that was to be proud of and the community was proud and when colleges came around they knew that they were getting something good from that school. Now they laugh at most of what comes out of LMISD as they know that they will be getting trouble and having to give them remdeial trainint to get them up to speed for college work. What a shame LMISD has fallen so far and people like you can only point and scream it is all about racism. Racism has nothing to do with the way our children respond to authority and the way that they act....To say otherwise is just being a fool....

PD Hyatt

Well going by your opinion Tamala you must be a racist. After all if people do not agree with you are racist, then I guess that makes you one. BTW, I have found in my life that they ones who scream racism first and most are usually the ones who are the racist. I will give you some examples. Tamala, Sharpton, Jackson, Lee, QTip, Nobama, Holder and of course there are many others that I could name, but I think you can see the picture.
So when you raise your children to disrespect authority is that racist? When you raise your children to beat down and teacher and teach them when that is happeing to not help in defending them. What is that? Bad parenting, bad choices, or can that be racism too? You seem fine with pointing out racism whenever you post and you seem to always agree with defending going against all authority. I guess you hate all authority and if you had your way there would not be any rules or laws that we had to go by excpet the ones that you like. Could you explain which laws you would like to go by and which ones you hate?

Dwight Strain

Funny you bring up the white dude that killed the lady in Austin because that white dude dad has been publicy apologizing for what a piece of garbage his son turned out to be.... the dad of this girl could take s lesson from that father... don't make excuses for you child's dumb behavior. Discipline it

Don Ciaccio

First, instead of videoing the assault, why did the students not come to the aid of the teacher? In a brutal assault like this, I can't understand why a group of students did not step in and help subdue the attacker! I'll go out on a limb and say the "princess" will get out of prison and begin to pump out more princesses with numerous daddy babies and the cycle will go on.

Paula Flinn

The students only had that teacher for a month. They did not know her very well. Students tend to "stick together" sometimes against a new teacher. I would hope that students would call security and/or try to subdue a student attacking a teacher, but that does not always happen, even if they think it is wrong.

Some students may have sympathized with the girl. Some students may not have wanted to get involved. Some students may have been afraid that they would get hurt if they tried to stop the student from attacking the teacher.

There should be an emergency button in every classroom for a teacher or student to call security (school police).

Dwight Strain

That's right people, if you think a 15 yr old beating up a teacher is wrong, you're racist. I guess I am mark furman cuz I think the girl and the dad trying to minimize her actions is a garbage

George Croix

Tamala, in closing, let me simply remind you that the Money Mike story did not break yesterday, It first made it's appearance in the GDN months ago, at which time many people excoriated the guy, and the mini-madame. My personal opinion of sex offenders in general and child ones in particular is that they should be SHOT dead, as the recidivism rate is so high if given a chance to repeat.
I see that rather than make any effort to correct yourself and your inaccuracies, you continue to choose your routine course on the race baiting track.

So, although it's certainly ONLY my personal opinion, in this case, I agree with this guy:

Repeating rediculous assertions, when even a cursory examination of archived info would reveal the facts, indicates that, not only is there no will to learn or be accurate, but a total incapacity to do so in the first place. Stuck in the 50's is a poor place to live - especially when it's the 1850's
Pity is the only appropriate reactive emotion......
Congratulations. You are now #2 on a very short list.
There's only two on it, because it's rare to be just not worth any effort at all.
You are dismissed.

Walter Manuel

Very well said Gecroix!

Tamala is a cheap excuse for a race baiter who lives in the past and can't overcome her own desire to always throw out the race card when she has very little else to make her point.

I feel sorry for those who actually listen to the trash that comes out of Tamala's useless and obviously uneducated mouth!

Harry Allen

Let me just say I did NOT read the entire story today. I did not need to. Once I saw a "parent" stating that a teacher had "provoked" his daughter all week I was done! And thus, America, we have the root of the problem. I cannot imagine what my parents would have said had I been the one that was on video ASSAULTING my teacher but you can bet your last red cent that they wouldn't have said "but anything". They would NOT have made any excuses for me. They would have been too busy being on my butt about straightening up and acting like I had sense, and morals, and respect for adults and figures of authority - and YES teachers are figures of authority. This is beyond ridiculous...and I don't give a flying fig what race anyone is - that's irrelevant in my opinion. We see the effects all around us of "parents" who defend their children no matter what. It's hurting all of us. And it's sad.

Blanca Bell

It's always the police or the teachers fault. Send your kids to school and blame someone else when they don't graduate or break the law.

Leonard T. Payne

I bet Tamala is this far from her masters degree. ()

Walter Manuel

I still can't believe only ONE student in that class made an attempt to stop this thug from beating up her teacher rather than sitting and videotaping the beatong so that they can put it on Youtube and get recognition!

What does this say about the culture of people that LMISD is developing that one day will be forever in their DNA and will be how they will live as adults in todays society???

Sad, so very sad to sit and watch....

Mark Breaux

The Dad should have stopped right after he made this statement, “There’s no excuse for what she did,”
Nothing more needs to be said after that. Stop making excuses for your kids and make them take responsibility for their own actions.

Charles Douglas

He said his daughter was “real sorry she did it,” he said. “She told me she was already angry about some things when (the teacher) took her bag. She said she just blacked out.” -------- GDN quoting father of student.

I know all bout this ...blacking out stuff. I did it once . After I did it my mother BLACKED OUT on me! It was one summer when it was hot and there was nothing to do. I thought that was it, but when my dad got home from work,............HE BLACKED OUT OME ME TOO! Old JBG learned not to go BLACKOUT no "MO!"
My parents were not rich or highfalutin or anything. They were just common old country folks who worked hard. They never had much but dreamed that their children would go on to do good things and make positive contributions to society!
They were a team who could not be "PLAYED" against each other! I tried and failed here that was concerned! They told me this, " You are the worst of these kids, can do a lot, but your head is hard!" "So we are going to take care of you whenever times calls for it until you get it right!!"
My dad:
"Do you mind me?" ( East Texas Slang for: Do you understand? )

Old JBG:
"Yes sir!" "Yes sir!"

Willis Briggs

Mr.JBG, I think my parents and yours came from the same part of east Texas, with the same method of teaching siblings.

George Croix

Dad had a way of teaching you real fast that an alligator mouth had no business attached to a jaybird...backside....
He died 5 years before 'Cool Hand Luke' came out, but he was way ahead of them on making sure I 'got my mind right'....

Walter Manuel

Your right Mr. Payne, obviously Tamala being the lost sheeple just like she projects herself to others in public, obviously isn't the brightest colored crayon in the Crayola box. [wink]

Tiffany Odom

First of all if I was her parent I would be ashamed and embarrassed to even give a statement about what occurred. Then to place blame on the school amd the teacher?? First of all school just let back in from Christmas break so of the teacher is so called new and just came this month, how much so called taunting could she have done, secondly telling a student she is aware of how to deal with kids that fight tells me that its obvious something was done or said to this teacher before and she was responding nack and that isnt unprofessional, its called letting them know it wont be tolerated. Dealing with kids could mean sending to office and or suspending them. Also the father says she went to principal about this teacher and nothing was done, ooooook then if this was the case you get ur ass up has a parent and go to the principal and address the issue has a parent, seriously...doesnt matter y the teacher took the backpack, she is the teacher and authority. You deal with it then after class take the steps necessary to see why and report her if needed. Just has if you were at a job, ur boss is ur boss and if you have to make a complaint then do so using chain of command.

Walter Manuel

Very well said tdesiree!

Charles Douglas

Tdesiree, You're asking a lot now! I agree with you but you are asking a lot in suggesting that parents take responsibility these days! lolololololol
We have evolved from that kind of stuff.
Let me say something else too. It is obvious to me, and probably many others that there is a culture existing at LMISD which enables students to think what is happening there is okay and normal. It is not okay, for teachers to be beaten down and assaulted like they are on a prison yard or mixed up in a riot!
I personally am SHOCKED, APPALLED, and DISMAYED! The beating of that teacher went on to long without outside help coming from the Principals, Staff, or peers, and it should not have happened that way! Where were the emergency buttons inside of the class rooms? If there none THEN GET SOME!!!!
I looked at that video and it was very disturbing to me as a taxpayer and citizen here!
That teacher's head bounced off of a table, and that alone could have killed her or another person under certain circumstances! There are some changes needed out there and they need to be installed in place fast. Assault on a public servant in the performance of their duties, when the suspects knowing that assault them is a
Sounds like to me LMISD needs a JOE CLARK type Principal at LM High School, and they need a COP like JBG use to be,... to back him up!
There are some other issues, but I don't know the scope of them so I will not comment on them until I do. If this district is going to survive, .....

Charles Douglas

My computer messed up.....let me finish. If LMISD is going to survive, there has to be a learning environment conducive to learning established and maintained there or students are going to continue to leave there.

Walter Manuel


I don't care how much someone doesn't like someome, they don't deserve to be beat down like this teacher was.

How would those students feel if that were their own Mother, aunt, sister or other family member being beaten like that?

Robert Buckner

It is really sad to see a formerly distinguished and respected school system fall into ruins. It is clear the board is clueless on how to remedy the downward spiral, Watkins is in over her head, and most of the voters seem happy with the status quo or they would have made changes years ago. Incidents such as this will continue. Quality teachers will bail out to other locations. Parents will find other schools for their children and LMISD will cease to exist since the TEA is useless.[sad]

Donna Bourgeois Williams

It saddens me to learn that he's actually blaming the teacher for his daughter's actions. I'm seriously disappointed. This child didn't black out, she did what she WANTED to do, and is only sorry because of the charges she possibly faces. Wow. My Mama would've beat my backside, and my Daddy would have repeated her episode. I wasn't even bold enough to LOOK at a teacher the wrong way. Sad to see my once proud alma mater in such a condition.

Leonard T. Payne

I agree with you Nicole_Cola.

Such a shame to see this once proud school district dragged down to this low standard.

Walter Manuel

Just look at the pathetic excuse for school board members that LMISD currently has and that fully explains why crap always runs downhill.

Your right Robert, the voters are the one's to blame as well, seeing how poorly voter turn out has become for the school district over the last several years. This could be a sign that people no longer care because they already moved their own children elsewhere or the fact that LMISD has become so unacceptable that no one even cares any more?

These board members are getting exactly what they got coming by how they are pathetically running the district into the crapper. The only glimmer of hope that we have left is that LMISD once again receives an "Improvement Required" academic status August 8, 2015 and TEA will then be forced to finally do something to save the unfortunate students that are still left in a poorly run school district.

I will continue my fight to see that these pathetic board members are sent packing and that our students eventually get a true quality of education that they so desperately and rightfully deserve.

PD Hyatt

You know what the real shame of what is happening in LMISD is happening around the nation. We have got to the point that many are teaching their children that they do not have to respect authority from anyone no matter who they are and who they represent. We see this starting with our nations leaders all the way to our young children who are then defended by their parents as they try to tell us all how much the system is at fault and that it can not be the fault of their little darlings.
I guess my parents were a lot like JBGoods except that we were not black. We were poor and they were proud and they wanted something better for each of their children and they drove us to that point and all 3 of us are thankful for the way that we were raised by them.
Today we have raised a bunch of cry babies who demand more and more and to many of us parents have tried to be our children's friends instead of their parents and then we wonder why little Johnny is dead, in prison and can not hold a job all the while having 3 or 4 children out of wedlock with 3 or 4 different women. Then if we have girls we wonder the same thing about them and I almost forgot to mention that many of them have been taught to have their hands out as it is not their fault that they can not take care of themselves so they should let big government take care of them for life!
Has our nation really fallen into such a pit that we can not come back to where we used to be when we as a nation did not depend upon big brother to take care of us we had the pride to take care of ourselves. Before anyone gets on their band wagon, the elderly and the TRULY disabled I am not talking about. It is the rest who refuse to get off of their lazy (yes I said it) duffs and take care of themselves. At one point long ago I worked 2 jobs a lot of the times to take care of the family and at 1 time I had 3. What happened to our work ethic and our love of the nation and our respect for authority. I am speaking to ALL races before some get up on their race horse!

Annette Doyle

With its proximity to Galveston La Marque should be prospering. It is not. City Hall and LMISD are secretive, closed societies. A very bright light should be directed toward both entities so that they are forced to improve.
Trying to place blame for the individual incidents at the high school is pointless. The school as a whole has a very big problem that is either kept under wraps or simply not addressed because some like it the way it is.

Charles Douglas

Nicole_Cola I agree 125%. When I came along, a teacher, police officer, and firemen, were held in high esteem! They were the ones we idolized! Now they are the ones we short change, shoot at, beat-up, and break-off disrespect toward!
I suspect all this came about slowly,...real slow, almost unnoticeable, parallel with the eradication of our morals,...integrity,...hard work ethics, self reliance skills, and character in today's society. I knew this was coming years ago, when I observed a San Antonio judge point his gavel at a female parent standing in front of his bench, seemingly crying, and he was telling her in a rough authoritative voice, "If you spank that child again,...I'm going to send you to jail okay mam?" "We use to spank children, but we don't do that anymore,....understand?"
Nobody can deny that the moral standards, virtues, and ethics which were deeply embedded in the fabric of our society in past generations have slowly eroded away from the generation we presently live in, and this can be observed especially in the behavior of the young people of today! Observing the interaction of our young today is living proof that as a society we are failing! Another tale tell sign is the over population of our prisons and the low standards of many of our schools. Like or not, lump it or jump is the truth!
What bothers me is that many of the children we turn our back while they float through schools acting the fool will have better than even chances of ended up in jail or prison one day. Again, one of the reasons is what my mama told me years ago, "JB if I don't teach you respect,...and to not take what don't belong to you, those in the prisons will, and I ain't having that!" She went on to say, "Turn around and put your hands on your knees." [sad]

Charles Douglas

I don't want to tell anyone what happened after I grabbed my knees! It was illegal.[smile]

Charles Douglas

I forgot to mention that I think the way many of us raise children today, resembles child raising 101 by the beliefs of:Oprah Winfrey, Phil Donohue, and Dr. Spock.
Interesting note about their theories on child raising is this,... it has been said that neither ever had, nor RAISED a child themselves! Ain't that a hoot? It is like a poor man living in the squalors of poverty telling another poor man how to get rich!

Walter Manuel

Very well said AMD, Paul and certainly NOT last Mr. JBG!

Randy Chapman

Tamala1023 should be banned from this forum. She/he is by definition a racist pot stirrer. I have never seen any redeeming qualities from this person.

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