Weather Channel pans Galveston County

A hurricane-damaged house sits vacant next to one rebuilt on Bolivar Peninsula in this 2010 file photo. At top: The storm ravaged community of Gilchrist after Hurricane Ike, is shown in this photo by Dan Dalstra of the (Brazosport) Facts from 2008. Because of damage from storms such as 2008's Hurricane Ike, the Weather Channel ranked Galveston County as the eighth worst place in the country to purchase a house. 

Galveston County’s balmy weather, sandy beaches, Southern hospitality and its relative low cost of living each year attract more newcomers from around the world.

They may want to think twice before buying real estate, according to a new ranking from of the 50 worst counties in the U.S. to buy a home, based on natural factors.



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Don Ciaccio

Lesson here- never allow a city of Galveston employee to be interviewed by TWC. Period. They are now a far left radical organization that Galveston should never have anything to go with.

Stephen Murphy

This is another reason why I quit watching the Weather Channel years ago. They sensationalize the weather like the major news channels sensationalize the news, all for the sake of ratings. The Weather Channel is a has-been. Shame on the GCDN for printing this story.

Robert Buckner

At the time of Ike, my decision to stay at my home was based on many factors and none of those items were from TWC. The tide was about 1.5 feet from entering my home but there was minimal wind damage. I had studied the area before buying that home including talking to long time residents about how they fared during Carla. I was not inside the levee either.

Jim Forsythe

Did you factor in
" However, during the 20th century human-induced subsidence
has been by far the dominant cause of relative sea-level rise
along the Texas Gulf Coast, exceeding 1 inch per year throughout
much of the affected area. This subsidence has resulted principally
from extraction of ground water, and to a lesser extent oil and gas,
from subsurface reservoirs. Subsidence caused by oil and gas production
is largely restricted to the field of production, as contrasted to the
regional-scale subsidence typically caused by ground-water pumpage"

Do you know what your elevation was in 1961 when Carla hit and now . It makes a difference as what is now safe.

Doyle Beard

my house got water in it in 1961 and it was in the 1700 block of 14th ave N.This was the making of the Galveston County Seawall of which Mr Holmes speak of and not the Texas City Dike

Andy Aycoth

Every Hurricane is different.To say a residence survived from a hurricane that was a cat 4 that hit 100 miles to the south and base future decisions on that is crazy .Allot of people on Bolivar did the same during Ike by comparing Alica to Ike . We survived at cat 3 so we should be good for a Cat 2.
Physical size and exact location make one hell of a difference as far as storm surge !

PD Hyatt

The Weather Channel is a goof ball weather channel that does nothing to help people know what is happening in their area. All they do is hype what ever is going on and they are worthless as far as getting any good information from. One good thing that they might have done is by putting out this story it might keep any more of the goony left from moving here....

Mark Johnson

FYI - The Texas City Dike does not protect anything during a hurricane.

Doyle Beard

The dike was create when the ship channel dredged out and spoils became the dike in to help protect shipping

Miceal O'Laochdha

Galveston, as well as New Orleans, St. Bernard Parish, and Ocean County NJ are all great places to live. People who chose to live in these places do so well cognizant of the slim risk of a hurricane calamity and prepared for that tradeoff.

The weather channel rankings serve only to make people who would never have the inspiration to live in these places anyway, feel good about their lives in Secaucus, NJ. No one in Galveston will lose a home sale over this tripe.

Now, who wants to move to Detroit? NO hurricanes and GREAT bargains!


I lost many family members in 1900. I suffered about 120,000 loss with Ike. My Mother lost her home. It is a risk to live here. I consider Galveston taxes the biggest detrement.

Mr. Tamug93

The Weather Channel is just another big-time, liberal media organization that promotes its own self-interests (i.e. Climate Change). Who cares what a report from this "has-been" organization says.

With regards to the Dike, it held up pretty well but no where near what is actually needed. The Dike was topped in a number of places along Skyline drive and was pretty much near being topped along most of its waterfront. If the storm surge would of been a few feet higher than it was then the waters would of poured over the tops of the dike and the pumps in Texas City would of been inundated with flood waters like New Orleans. But unlike New Orleans, the economic impact from all the refineries being flooded would damage this nations already fragile economy and would take years to be able to put them back into production.

Steve Fouga

I think you're talking about the levee, not the Texas City Dike.

You're right, if the surge had been even worse, it would've have overtopped the levee with potentially disastrous consequences. But it's a really good sign that Ike, one of the highest-energy Atlantic Basin storms ever, did NOT overtop the the levee. Yes, it could have been worse. And it could have been better. There's an excellent chance the next one won't be as bad as Ike. Texas City is in good shape for hurricane protection. I wish the rest of Galveston County were as well-protected.

Don Schlessinger

Wow, if the decision makers in Washington had asked TWC we might not be building public housing on the island. Oh well.

Steve Fouga

In fairness to TWC, they said it's a bad place to BUY a house, not be given one. It's a great place to be given a house: resort town, mild weather, good restaurants, lots to do. When a hurricane wipes away your house, then you resort to a free house elsewhere.

Lars Faltskog

A non-story. This week will be the onslaught of 5 months of winter for the hapless folks who live anywhere north of Dallas. They will endure months of possible snowstorm, frozen and broken tree limbs, power outages, et cetera. Many more chances for THEM to lose their houses and/or livlihoods to storms.

I'll keep living here with the 100-year massive hurricanes.

Andy Aycoth

One more reason for Ike Dike ! Imagine if we would have not built the TC levy system? Look at all the homes and jobs that would have been lost as a result of Ike.

Andy Aycoth

Can not ignore the past . Sometimes what is hurts but it is foolish to ignore.

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