Grilled Pizza With Baby Kale, Broccolini and Chiles

A delicious grilled pizza topped with healthy ingredients.

Do you have a grill? Do you love pizza? Then look no further for an easy technique that will result in delicious homemade pizza hot off your grill. If you don’t have a grill, fear not — this recipe can also be prepared in a hot oven.

I grill pizzas all year, no matter the weather. It keeps the heat outside on a warm day, gives me an excuse to fire up the grill on a cold day and consistently results in crispy-charred homemade pizza, which is the next best thing to having my own pizza oven.

The easiest method to grill pizza, in my opinion, is to use a pizza stone. Just preheat the stone over direct heat while the grill fires up, and go about preparing your pizza. (If you are using an oven, simply preheat your oven and pizza stone to 500 degrees.) You can roll your pizza out on a piece of parchment paper, which you can slide on and off the stone (I use a rimless baking sheet to slide under the paper), or use a pizza peel. When the grill is nice and hot, slide the pizza onto the stone. Close the grill and cook the pizza until the crust is golden brown and charred in spots, the cheese is melted and bubbly, and the toppings are cooked to your desired doneness, about 15 minutes.

This was the pizza I made over the weekend after a trip to the farmers’ market. I often make white pizza, which is without tomato sauce, and brush it with garlic oil before layering cheese and fresh veggies on top. It was a hit with the whole family and great way to get everyone to eat their vegetables.

Lynda Balslev is the co-author of “Almonds: Recipes, History, Culture” (Gibbs Smith, 2014.)

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