Keith, Karla, Kemuel, Keturah, Kenan, Kilion, Keziah, Kishon, Kelaiah, Koa, Kaleb, Kamron, Kendra and Kyla White. This family of 14 has created a little legacy in Galveston.

Keith and Karla White moved to Galveston to start a life of ministry in Keith’s hometown in 2003. Fifteen years later, they have 12 children spreading the word of God along with them.

The Whites live and run the Streetscape Cafe on 37th Street in Galveston. The cafe has been open for about two years and serves free breakfast and lunch to anyone that comes by. Every day, Karla White, with help from her children and neighbors, prepares meals and often leads a Bible study within the cafe.

“We were moving to Galveston and looking for a place that could house our large family,” Karla White said. “When this property became available, we knew we had to continue the cafe and serve others in the community.”

Although the exterior of the building advertises the cafe, just through the back door is a room where the children are homeschooled. With school books for all ages stacked on bookshelves and activities to help with learning, education is not a shortage. While Keith and Karla White come to help the children off-and-on through the day, many of the older children help teach their younger siblings.

“The kids are so good about helping each other,” Karla White said.

They are always willing to drop what they are doing to help Karla White in the cafe or to help their siblings with math problems.

Behind the cafe is a large yard and a trampoline for the children to run and play along with a few buildings for different purposes. They have a large, single room and bathroom where the Whites sleep and bathe. Another building is used for various storage. The last is used as a playroom and a band room.

The bond the siblings share goes beyond familial, they have created a music group together. What began as an affinity to the trumpet has turned into the K White family band.

Five years ago, the oldest children began taking music classes at Wright Cuney Recreation Center and within a month they were ministering to churches with their trumpets.

Quickly, many of the children began picking up new instruments and singing Christian songs together. After an accidental video, Karla White realized how good they are.

“After we saw their affinity and pure talent in music, we realized only God could have done this,” Karla said.

They were blessed with meeting the choir director from Fanfare! Lutheran Music Academy, Karla White said. The director gave, at the time, the nine oldest children scholarships to take 2-4 classes a week.

Since they have been able to practice at an academy and learn from students, teachers and one another, they have only grown their sound.

In 2018, they have performed in special services including the Martin Luther King Unity Prayer at St. Vincent’s House and the Juneteenth Prayer Breakfast at Ashton Villa. They have also ministered at different churches in Galveston as well as nursing homes and city events. They even participated in the Third Coast Music Festival with other students from Fanfare!

The children, along with help from Keith and Karla White, have created a choir that can minister the word of God to anyone in Galveston.

“We have instilled the foundation of God, but the children have used their faith in their own way,” Keith White said.

After a day of serving at the Streetscape Cafe, homeschool, music classes or performances and some play time, the Whites enjoy coming together for a bonfire behind the cafe.

This is their time to rehash the day, have a family Bible study, practice music and worship God together. The family’s close relationship is assured by their faith and care they have for one another.

Keith and Karla White have allowed God to lead them throughout their lives and want that to continue with their children.

“God says if you raise your children in the ways of the word, you’ll have peace in your house,” Keith White said. “We get the joy of seeing God’s work and watching him be faithful to his word; that has been the greatest part of our journey.”

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Kelsey joined The Daily News in 2017.

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Daniel Abebe

Little legacy? I felt that they giving more than the expected 10% charity contribution for a good cause. May God bless their family.

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