Easter Sunday is regarded as the holiest day on the Christian calendar. Churches, liturgical or not, spend extra effort each year to get the message out to what is often the largest annual attendance. Here are a few previews of some of the 300 or so Sunday sermons in our county that will highlight this year’s celebration.

We’ll begin on the island with Galveston’s A Cry For Salvation Outreach Ministry, 902 33rd St. and her pastor, the Rev. Frank Allen.

“Christians all over the world are celebrating Easter as the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the tomb,” Allen will tell his audience. “While we believe Jesus himself has been risen, from the tomb, we as a body of believers are living in many forms of tombs at this moment. Just to list a few: How about tombs of hatred, tombs of tradition, tombs of unforgiveness and tombs of selfishness. If you are celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ this year I believe it’s also your time to be free, from any sin that holds you hostage.

“My word to you is Jesus has made a way for you and I to be free. Why not take him at his holy word and be free?”

Just up north a bit, we find the Rev. Tim Franklin of Texas City’s The Connection, 9300 Emmett F. Lowry Expressway.

“As I considered the message for Easter Sunday, I have been consumed with the reality of what Jesus has accomplished for those who seek him,” Franklin said. “It is an amazing thing that he was willing to come live among people, it is almost inconceivable that he was willing to endure the cross, but the miracle of the resurrection is the gift of hope for all mankind that gives us the promise of eternal life. That miraculous gift of hope is my focus for this year’s Easter message; the very personal promise made to each person who comes into relationship with Christ.”

Just a few miles up the freeway and a little bit east, the Rev. Ted Duck of Dickinson’s Pine Drive Baptist Church, 705 FM 517 Road E. will offer a fresh start to his hearers.

“Death died on Easter morning,” Duck will preach. “The open door of the tomb offers us an opportunity to escape our past, to experience God’s promise of eternal life in Heaven. The security of eternal life changes the way we face our own death and resurrection. God’s record of our sin, failures, scars of the past can be forgiven. This Resurrection Sunday is especially significant to Pine Drive in light of our resurrection from near total devastation of Hurricane Harvey. God has opened our door to a new life and ministry in meeting the needs and sharing the love of Jesus Christ to so many hurting, confused, and unsaved. It’s our prayer that multitudes step through God’s open door into a life that God has planned for each of us at conception.”

Still further north and west, the Rev. Ron Hindt, pastor of Calvary Houston, 3700 FM 528 Road W., will offer a different take.

“Researchers found that 9.6 percent Americans suffer from depression, the highest among 14 major nations polled. Why?,” he will ask on Sunday. “Perhaps it’s our definition of happiness. One person said ‘Happiness is a hundred million dollars.’ Another said, ‘Happiness is a private island,’ Join us Easter Sunday as we talk about the true meaning of happiness as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

Lastly, the Rev. Marc Schooley of League City’s Five Solas Church, 114 N Park Ave. will talk about “soli deo gloria,” which is Latin for “Glory to God alone.”

“Sunday morning we will gather to celebrate the risen Christ: Our great hope and joy in this fallen world,” he said. “On today, Good Friday, we will mourn the death and suffering of the Christ, and his bearing of the Father’s wrath in our place. But on Sunday, we will rejoice and thank God the Father for the resurrection, knowing that for those who trust in him, death and the grave have truly lost their sting. Not rabbits, not eggs, not even spring—But the risen Christ is the meaning and joy of Easter.”

Happy Easter from Our Faith.

Coming soon: A look behind the scenes at our area’s most successful church planting network, smartphone prayer apps for congregations and a second look at faith combined with hippotherapy.

Rick Cousins can be reached at rick.cousins@galvnews.com.

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