Wendy S. Kane of Clear Lake’s Congregation Shaar Hashalom would like to invite you to come hear Jewish artist Joe Buchanan at 7:30 a.m. March 16 at 16020 El Camino Real in Houston.

“I’ve been to communities all over the U.S. to lead prayer and play music,” Buchanan told Faith Focus. “The one consistent thing people tell me that they’re looking for and the whole reason that I started writing Jewish music, is connection. This weekend is going to be something special. You don’t have to know Hebrew and you don’t have to be Jewish. Friday night will be an intimate prayer service that is open to every single person out there. It’s a guided prayer experience and will leave you smiling into the weekend.”

For details, call 281-488-5861 for information.


Harold Raley will address the Friendswood Prayer Breakfast on the topic, “Witnessing for Christ in the university” beginning at 7:10 a.m. at the Friendswood United Methodist Church, 110 N. Friendswood Drive in Friendswood.

Raley, who is frequently seen in these pages, has been a professor at three universities and authored some 18 book and over 200 scholarly articles. Even so, he terms sharing one’s faith on campus as “risky business.”

For reservations or details, call 713-408-4785.


The Rev. Edward Lawson will be providing breakfast for both cops and clergy at this “Together we can” outreach event at 10 a.m. March 30 at Galveston’s Compton Memorial Church of God In Christ, 2628 Ball St., in Galveston

“Our guest speaker will be Galveston’s 59th police chief, Vernon Hale,” Lawson said. “Pastors and clergy are invited to come out and hear Chief Hale and to get their questions answered regarding the safety of our community.”

For reservations or details, call 409-497-2138.”


Quotes without comment: Here is a curious pair from this week’s Christianity Today (CT) magazine.

“At least 40 percent of the U.S. population will never come to a traditional church service,” Chris Backert founder and co-director of Missio Alliance said. “They just drive by churches and don’t even notice. Leadership development should not be about just the church gathered, but also the church scattered.”

And, “In an apprentice program, you educate through teachable moments,” said Larry Osborne, head pastor of North Coast Church in Vista, Calif. “You throw them in the water and stand on the edge of the pool. No one drowns in a good apprentice model (of ministerial training.)”

More? In an era characterized by the Nones (those without religious ties) and church shoppers, Catholics are less likely to drift than others, according to another note in the same magazine.

“Catholics remained pretty attached to their tradition; they were about half as likely as Americans on average to change their affiliation: 8.8 percent versus 18.9 percent,” CT reported. “When Catholics do switch, they largely shift toward having no faith, with 6.4 percent switching to agnostic, atheist or ‘nothing in particular.’ For Catholics, transitioning to another religious tradition is extremely rare.”

Events for Faith Focus should be submitted at least two weeks in advance.

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