“Wildhood” is the type of hidden gem that the Toronto International Film Festival is praised for finding and shedding light on. The feature film debut of Director Bretten Hannam explores Mi’kmaq (First Nations people, indigenous to areas of Canada) culture in this coming of age story.

While it’s easy to get caught up with the big titles and stars of the festival, “Wildhood” is an example of giving emerging, diverse, filmmaking talent a chance to be seen. Although it debuted last September, it’s only now being released on Hulu, which might be the prime spot for a film like this to find its way into the hearts of those who need it the most.

Dustin Chase is a film critic and associate editor with Texas Art & Film, which is based in Galveston. Visit texasartfilm.com.


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Susan Duif

I couldn't even get through the authors mush of words describing this activist film without laughing. What a joke. The film industry is dead.

Bailey Jones

Well, now I have to watch it.

Bailey Jones

I enjoyed this movie. It has a sort of Huckleberry Finn vibe - if the Mississippi River was First Nations land. [thumbup] Probably not for people with gender identity/preference hangups.

George Croix

Got no interest in it, so I won't be watching.

Hopefully those who do so, enjoy and get their 10 buck popcorn and 6 buck Coke worth...

Ted Gillis

Me too Bailey. I plan to watch.

In fact I heard one TV pundit say that his summer reading list is to read all of the GOP banded books. So keep pointing out to us what you disapprove of Susan.

On a side note, I’m very proud that several of the institutions in the Texas Medical Center decorated the tops of their buildings in rainbow lights during June for the 2022 Pride Month. One of them even lit up their circular bridge across Fannin Street with rainbow colors. It was pretty spectacular. It shows that they truly support for their patients, families and staff.

Carlos Ponce

The GOP has no "banded books", Ted.

Bailey Jones

Ted, there are also a lot of LGTBQIA2S+ activities going on at NASA this month. Between pride, Juneteenth, and the 4th, this truly is the season to celebrate freedoms. (Supreme Court rulings and county troglodytes excepted, of course.) Enjoy them while we can.

Ted Gillis

Thank you for pointing out my typo Carlos. It’s good to know that we have built in spelling lookout.

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