Short, sweet, and visually poetic, “A Love Song” is a slice of “Nomadland” with Wes Anderson’s aesthetic. Writer/director Max Walker-Silverman graduates with honors from short films to this, his first full-length feature. Longtime character actress Dale Dickey (“Hell or High Water” and “Winter’s Bone”) finally receives the space for a complete performance. Walker-Silverman leans heavily on the editing to advance the narrative more than dialogue. While the story takes place in a single location, the attention to detail draws the viewer into this little lakeside world. It’s intimate, with close-ups of Dickey’s expressive face, yet spacious when focusing on the surrounding Colorado mountains and their warm, dusty color pallet.

Campsite Number Seven is where Faye (Dickey) waits. Her expression conveys that she has been waiting a very long time for something to jolt her out of her routine existence. Faye has everything needed for the wait in her mini-Shasta RV pulled by a tiny little truck. She plants herself on this agreed-upon meeting spot and rests her hope for future happiness on the arrival of a friend from the past. Coffee in the morning, prawns from the lake bed for every meal, Faye’s expression communicates a life with more hardships than blessings. Faye longs to share her intuitive radio (which plays the right song at the right time, she says), ice cream cones, and whatever else remains of herself with someone. If only the hands that wrote the words on her letter would arrive with the black dog and the small silver car.

Dustin Chase is a film critic and associate editor with Texas Art & Film, which is based in Galveston. Visit


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Bailey Jones

Wes Studi is a national treasure - I'm glad to see him in this role. And Dickey as well - I like movies where the people look like real people.

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