Musician Scott H. Biram, aka “The Dirty Old Man Band,” tells it like it is — musically and figuratively. And he isn’t shy about letting you know his sentiments on stage either.

Biram, of Austin, will be in concert at 8:30 p.m. today at the Old Quarter Acoustic Café, 413 20th St., in Galveston.

With songs such as “Blood Sweat and Murder,” which was used in the Oscar-nominated film “Hell or High Water,” and others from his newest CD “The Bad Testament,” Biram’s eclectic mix of various genres will take you on a journey from tender songs into faster paced trucker rock and heavier guitar rock then back to traditional folk songs, country, punk, metal and the blues.

After taking a hiatus off the road in nearly 20 years, Biram has used his time wisely by rewriting song material, learning guitar parts and getting true-life inspirations that melt into his lyrics and sound, which leave fans wanting more.

“Lucky for me I got turned on to all kinds of music growing up in Central Texas and most of it has stuck with me throughout the years,” Biram said. “I feel pretty confident that most of the time my lyrics are pretty epic if not just straight to the point in your face. I try to play a few different genre’s on all my records. Mostly, because that’s just how I write. Seems to keep the audience on their toes too.”

If you’ve never seen his show and/or heard of him before, don’t be fooled into thinking this performance will just be another singer/songwriter “fool on a stool” (as he calls it) performance.

“No disrespect to any of the greats that occupied a stool, but this is a rock show and I pride myself on what I offer and present to the audience,” Biram said. “If you’ve never seen one of my shows — you should. If there’s one thing I’m confident in, it’s wrangling words. If you love quality songwriting, you should be there. I’m pretty sure somebody will still be into my music 100 years from now if there are still people around by then.”

Biram has been playing guitar for 30-plus years and started out in punk/metal bands circa 1989. After moving on to bluegrass for a while, which eventually landed as a “one man band,” Biram has been doing this particular Dirty Old One Man Band act for 17 years.

An artist on Bloodshot Records based in Chicago, Biram’s 10th album “The Bad Testament,” released in February, debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard Blues Charts just under the legendary Rolling Stones.

With no plans of slowing down (he’s coming off his 21st European tour in 11 years earlier this month), Biram’s next stops will be in Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Boston and New York City.

“There is no home life for me … I always seem to be on the road, which is a good thing,” Biram said. “I’m excited to be heading out to California for a festival I’m co-headlining with Lucero and Billy Joe Shaver in a few months as well. Then after that, another national tour in large venues with a band called Devil Makes 3 and I’m even gotten some interest from Australia for later in the year. Honestly though, I’m ready to get back in the studio! I’ve already got some songs cookin’!”

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