Santa Fe ISD principals

Pictured left to right, Rachel Blundell, Kim Ross, Destini Martin and Michelle Pourchot.

October is designated annually as National Principals Month to recognize the essential role that principals play in school achievement and student success. Being a school principal is a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week job because the school is constantly in your thoughts. It has to be because, as the leader, a principal is responsible for faculty, staff and most importantly, the students. According to research, student performance is one of the most common indicators of principal effectiveness.

Santa Fe Independent School District is fortunate to have four alumni as instructional leaders of their respective campuses. Michelle West Pourchot, class of 1993, leads R.J. Wollam Elementary.

“From the moment I stepped foot into Cowan Education Service Center for my interview I felt a sense of being home,” Pourchot said. “I have always wanted to work in Santa Fe ISD, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to serve my community and be able to give back. I am vested in the success of the students of Santa Fe ISD and Indian Pride runs through my veins.”

Destini Grace Martin, class of 1998, leads Kubacak Elementary and has stated, “The deep roots and close ties that come with living in a small town are important to me as a principal in the community and as a mother of three. It is a unique experience to work for the students, parents, and community in the town that I grew up in; making my purpose for positive change and student growth deeply personal.”

Kim Brouillard Ross, class of 1991, leads Santa Fe Junior High.

“On the road of education, there is always a way,” Ross said. “It may not be your way or my way, but together we create the BEST way! I chose to come back home because I want students to be surrounded on a daily basis by people who make them aware of their personal value and worth. If we give back to our community in public servanthood, we create a positive cycle of change. Our students in Santa Fe ISD are capable of competing with any other student globally. They just need people in their lives to believe in their potential.”

And lastly, Rachel Tombrella Blundell, class of 1993, leads Santa Fe High School and feels that “It is important to establish a healthy culture of learning and high expectations, teach students the values and traditions of our community, and promote student extra-curricular activities in order to become a well-rounded adult ready for college and the workforce. So, I am very honored to serve the community and promote those same values, traditions and high expectations of our students.”

Every day is different for a principal, but what is the same is that they are the leader of that building and everyone looks to them for everything. It is an exciting, rewarding and exhausting job, but it is one that most principals love doing and it keeps them coming back every day, because there is no other job quite like it.

Patti Hanssard is the assistant superintendent for human resources and the public relations officer for SFISD.

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