The academic success of every student in the La Marque Independent School District is extremely important to the members of the LMISD family. Our children receive the best education when dedicated parents and teachers work as a team. It is the parents’ support, involvement and commitment to education as well as a teacher’s ability to impart the necessary knowledge and skills in children that inspire them to do their absolute best. Student daily attendance and arrival to school on time are key components to a child’s academic success. It is the expectation of La Marque ISD that all students are “on time and present in every period of every day” and that they take advantage of the learning opportunities provided by our top-notched group of teaching professionals that have committed themselves to the achievement and success of all students. 

To make this expectation clear to both students and their parents, La Marque ISD, as allowed by the Texas Education Agency, has adopted a stringent attendance policy which requires that a student enrolled in elementary school may have no more than eight unexcused absences per year to be considered for promotion. More than eight unexcused absences may result in failure for the student even though the grades were passing depending upon the determination of the School Attendance Committee. An asterisk (*) will appear on the report card next to the grades. 

TEC §25.092 states “a student may not be given credit for a class unless the student is in attendance for at least 90 percent of the days the class is offered.” At the secondary level, students that obtain more than (8) unexcused absences per semester are in violation of the Texas Compulsory School Attendance Law, as well as LMISD Board Policy and this violation will result in the loss of academic credit, possible grade retention and a complaint filed against the parent(s)/guardian (s) and/or student in a justice or municipal court.

Not only does student attendance have a direct impact on the academic success of the student, it also indirectly impacts the overall progress and long term success of the district. TEA mandates that La Marque ISD school personnel maintain accurate and current daily attendance records. This is extremely important because these records serve as the basis for computing average daily attendance figures from which state funds are provided to the district. The state pays the district to educate each child that is present. Each time a child is not in attendance, the district loses the fiscal resources that would enhance the learning experience of all the children within La Marque ISD.

It is the responsibility of all community stakeholders to monitor and encourage our children to attend school daily. Contact La Marque ISD at 409-938-4251 to discuss ways you and the school staff can work together to improve your child’s attendance. Administrators, counselors, faculty and staff are available to assist.

Inside La Marque

 Dr. Michael C.

Cottledge is the PEIMS and Student Services Coordinator at LMISD.

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(5) comments

Mike Trube

A change of attitude of the school administration will be needed before the "community stakeholders" will want to get involved. When taxpayers attend board meetings and are escorted out of the meeting, that is not a warm invitation to get involved. And when members of the city administration offering help, and they are told its none of their business, that is not encouraging community stakeholders to get involved. When the majority of the school board members are called out for not making the right decisions, they are offended. When the school district is called out for hiding tests results, and employing unqualified teachers when those who are highly qualified are let go or quit, it is not the responsibility of the community stakeholders to get involved except to say enough is enough! There must be a big change of attitude in order for this district to do what is right for the students. That should be their highest priorities. Come to think of it, instead of change of attitude, there needs to be a change in the whole school board and superintendent. Nothing will change until this is done. THEN you may see community stakeholders willing to get involved. But it's the responsibility of the parent/s to make sure their children attend school on a regular basis. Parents should be held accountable. But I thought I read where the law changed, and kids nor their parents can be charged with truancy.


George Croix

I realize the writer(s) of article(s) do not supply the title/headline for them - that's the GDN .
But, the simple fact is that attendance is only half of the path to academic success.
Granted, ya gotta be there to get the curriculum, BUT ya gotta be WILLING to learn and help the teacher(s) teach you, which is probably at least another 48% of the equation. Maybe, maybe, 2% is a simple inability to learn/grasp some materials.
Attendance and participation must be mixed to get the desired recipe.
The next to last article says what the whole article was about getting to - the stipend. The bucks from the State based on attendance. doubt it's hard to teach anybody who doesn't show up, and hard to pay for the means necessary to do so if they don't, AND it's also true that disruptive kids who have no intention of learning and just screw up others' chances to do so get the District as much money from the State as the good, caring students do.
what to do.....
Maybe attendance is the wrong measure for funding?
Maybe State funds should be paid based on the Districts' academic performance?
It would seem to be money better spent to actually educate a few hundred than to simply house a thousand daily..... are the factor in whether attendance is beneficial or simply required....

George Croix

"The next to last PARAGRAPH...", not next to last article.....

Part of my 2% was obviously sentence structure.....[whistling]

Jose' Boix

One of my education system "pet peeves" is the lack of defining academic success. While student attendance maybe one of the key indicator parameters, there must be at least 5 or 6 more. In addition, the education process does not follow the tenets of the continuous or continual improvement process.
What we have been doing is changing and varying the targets and content of the basic knowledge required for successful promotion to not only the next grade but to the next level of education; either vocational or academic.
Perhaps we should use the Peter Drucker process; "he knew that change has to be driven by effectiveness and supported by efficiency if it’s going to transform an organization for the better." Just my thoughts.

Vernon Chatman

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