Private, parochial and public charter schools in Galveston County have been preparing throughout the summer for reopening, looking at facilities limitations, student needs, safety requirements and online learning options.

“Almost every procedure has changed — arrival, dismissal, breakfast and lunch, transitions and class changes as well as changes to our learning platforms and instructional models,” said Jennifer Goodman, superintendent of Odyssey Academy, a public charter organization with three campuses in the Galveston Bay area.

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Gary Miller

Union controlled education isn't likely until after the election. Private, parochal and charter schools aren't controlled by unions and can returned to service when state rules permit. ISD schools are union controlled and will stall reopening because unions think not returning helps Biden. ISD? Independent School Districts? No longer exist. Replaced by USD. Union School Districts.

Ted Gillis

No one cares about your anti union opinions Gary.

But then so long as non of the above mentioned schools receive any of my tax dollars, they are free to teach their students from their own kitchens as far as I’m concerned.

Gary Miller

Ted??? Your tax dollars? Parents of private school students pay the same school taxes you do. The ugly truth is their tax dollars go to ISD ,union, students but not to their own children. It's one of the unfair policies supported by unions.

Ted Gillis

It’s not unfair. If a parent chooses to send their children to private school, that’s their choice.

My parents did it. They sent myself and my 3 siblings to catholic schools, and guess what, they paid for it themselves, without crying about taxes and some kind of unfairness.

I sent my children to public school, however I send a monthly donation to my parish school.

That’s how it done.

And by the way, I belong to a union, my father belonged to a union, and his father belonged to a union. We all went to private schools.

Stop complaining.

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