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I don’t know whether the internet, Twitter in particular, has contributed to my lack of understanding of abbreviations and acronyms, but I’m certainly befuddled lately by the use of letters standing for something. They’re everywhere.

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One of my fondest childhood memories was when my twin brother and I were around 12 years old; we desperately wanted a PlayStation. For months we would nag our mother about getting one for Christmas. December came around and, most of the month, our mother kept telling us, “I have a major surp…

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I believe Texas is a great state. I believe Texas' governmental leaders are all good. I believe we have a good governor in Greg Abbott. I believe Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is a good leader, too. I believe they're doing a good job during the pandemic. I also believe President Joe Biden is doing a …

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As we start 2022, it's our pleasure to thank those, like The Daily News, who assisted Bay Area Pet Adoptions during 2021 with our mission of helping homeless pets. We're able to help homeless pets thanks to your support and the support of our donors. Never doubt that it makes a difference.