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The county's decision to exclude itself falls in line with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who, along with a group of other state attorneys general, earlier this year objected to the creation of a negotiating class.

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Manuel Lopez Vargas initially was charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child under 14 and indecency with a child by sexual contact, but a jury found him guilty of the lesser-included offense of aggravated sexual assault on the first charge.

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David Stanowski’s recent column reminds us that some libertarians can be awfully divorced from reality (“The definition of true socialism,” The Daily News, Oct. 21). His description of public schools and government programs as socialist demonstrates an important conceptual confusion and lead…

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On Election Day, the voting ballot asked the voter to vote for a $400 raise for the city of Texas City Commissioners. The commissioner for my district, Dorthea Jones Pointer, doesn't deserve a raise. She has done nothing for her area.