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Now that winter is fully here, water activities take on a new dimension. Whether you’re out there surfing, kite boarding, swimming, kayaking, fishing or any number of other activities, there’s a greater possibility that a small oversight could turn into a major emergency.

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I came across comments from a prominent preacher regarding the deplorable condition of young people. He complained they were characterized by “inexperience, indiscretion, immature judgment, uncurbed curiosity, undisciplined appetites and misunderstood passion.”

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I’m 89 years old, but even though I’ve been around the world a few times and lived for extended periods in several exotic places, I guess I’m still somewhat the naïve socially retarded 19-year-old who left the isolated Allegheny River Valley town of Kittanning, Pennsylvania, 60 years ago.

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Over the holidays, our children gifted us with a couple starter kits for “funky vegetables.” It had delights such as purple carrots, watermelon radishes, striped tomatoes, rainbow chard, red Brussels sprouts, golden zucchini and more. This inspired us to expand our gardening activities with …

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Texans are lining up to receive their COVID-19 vaccine and many more are patiently waiting their turn. The good news is that while COVID-19 can be life-threatening, the only medical risk to vaccination is for those with a history of allergic reactions to these vaccines or their ingredients.

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Thank you Mary Beth Bassett for providing such positive information about the park board ("Here's what we're looking forward to in 2021," The Daily News, Jan. 9-10). As a former member of the Beach Management Advisory Committee, I was delighted to see the plan for 2021.